Yamaha YTS 62III Professional Tenor Saxophone Review

Yamaha YTS 62III Saxophone Review – Best Professional Tenor Saxophone

Let’s face it! Today you are going to read complete our Yamaha YTS 62III saxophone review best professional tenor saxophone in 2020. Are you looking for the best professional saxophone? Don’t know what tenor saxophone to buy that can hone your skills as a pro? If you said yes to any of those questions, then this article is just for you. Today, I bring you such an exceptional tenor saxophone that will comply with every requirement you might have as a pro.

Thinking why I’m making such an extreme claim? Well, I must because our team tested out a lot of tenor saxophones and this one outranked them all in many ways. Want to know which one I’m talking about? It’s the one and only Yamaha YTS 62III Professional Tenor Saxophone. I’ll review this saxophone for you today.

So, overall, in this Yamaha YTS 62III professional tenor saxophone review, I’ll explain its internal specifications, features, pros, and cons, including our expert’s opinion on whether you should buy it or not. So, without wasting any more time, let’s proceed!

About Yamaha

Yamaha is now the topmost brand that manufactures top quality music instruments around the world. Starting their journey in 1887, they came a long way in this industry. Not only saxophones, but you’ll also find other types of musical instruments that Yamaha manufactured. So, it’s a pretty reliable brand that’s for sure if not else! Also, you can visit and to read the complete The 8 Best Riding Lawn Mower for Hills in 2022 (Unlimited Reviews with Buying Guide)

About Yamaha YTS 62III

Yamaha YTS 62 tenor saxophone series is in the market since 1979. That saxophone was the bestselling one at that time. This series has maintained its streak of being the best tenor saxophone in the market. Its latest release is the Yamaha YTS 62III professional tenor saxophone. You can get this saxophone in your nearest store, or if you check it online, click the link here!

Yamaha YTS 62III Professional Tenor Saxophone Review

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Yamaha YTS 62III Specifications

Before getting into the main Yamaha YTS 62III Professional tenor saxophone review, let’s know about its internal configuration and specifications. They’re given below:

  1. Dimensions of the Saxophone: 36 inches Ð 16.5 inches Ð 10.75 inches (Length Ð breadth Ð height)
  2. Weight of the Saxophone: 24.1 lbs.
  3. Instrument Keynote: B flat
  4. Auxiliary Key Tunes: High F# (sharp), and front F
  5. Key Buttons Material: Polyester
  6. The material of the Saxophone: Brass
  7. Finishing: Gold Lacquered finish
  8. Feel on the Keys: The keys are stimulated like a white mother of pearl.
  9. Neck Model: Yamaha
  10. Bell Engraving Style: This tenor saxophone is engraved by hand.
  11. Mouthpiece Type: Yamaha’s TS4C mouthpiece
  12. Warranty: You get up to 5 years warranty with this device.
  13. Included Things: A carrying case (TSC-600E), an extra mouthpiece, cleaning cloth, and a user manual.

Features We Liked Best in Yamaha YTS 62III

Yamaha YTS 62 III professional tenor saxophone has exceptional features and since it’s made from premium materials, you’ll get a top-quality experience while playing this instrument. Those features are so amazing that even professionals are very pleased of. Now, let’s review the Yamaha YTS 62III Saxophone Review – Best Professional Tenor in 2020 features and design.

Build Quality and Design

The Yamaha YTS 62 III is designed after its predecessors Yamaha YTS 62 and 61. While we’re testing on the exteriors of this tenor saxophone, we saw its top-quality gold lacquer finish. This finishing gives a shine off that makes it look no less than some premium instruments.

Moreover, the keys and the other sensitive parts of this saxophone are designed so perfectly that not only it looks elegant, but it is also sturdy and durable.  So, no matter how much you play it, or do anything about it, it’ll not break or incur any damage whatsoever!

Let me answer this design’s significance with a story. My colleague, Adam tested this saxophone’s playability. Noticing that he had breathing problems, he still insisted on playing it. Surprisingly, after he was done, he said,

“This has been the best saxophone in my life! I could play it with such ease I even can’t explain properly!!! It certainly is the most comfortable tenor saxophone I played yet!”

Neck Style

The neck of YTS 62III is designed after its predecessor. However, it’s much more improved than the previous models. The manufacturers made its neck narrower.

The narrow neck design accelerates the response rate. So, you’ll get a proper sound output quickly without breathing out too deep. Moreover, it’ll also allow you to have greater control over it while playing.

Quality of Engravings on the Saxophone

Let me tell you this beforehand, every engraving on Yamaha YTS 62III is hand made. The manufacturers worked extra hard on designing those details on the saxophone body. Moreover, each engraving is so elaborate and contains fine designs, that amazed our team! We really liked how the finishing was done on the engravings.

B-C# Keys Connection

Yamaha YTS 62III Professional Tenor Saxophone key connection

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The previous models of this saxophone had problems with their B to C# keys connection, problems as in the sound were sort of unclear. However, this problem is fixed in this new tenor saxophone. Yamaha YTS 62III has a distinct and clear sound for each pitch. When we tested it in our studios, we observed this well and our experts could practice it for a long time. So, I know you’ll also be able to practice without any irritation of bad pitches.

Included Case

The YTS 62III comes with a semi-hard TSC-600E case. It’ll give you proper protection and a stylish look on the exterior. Moreover, this case has backpack straps. So, you can carry it here and there without any problem whatsoever.

Should You Buy Yamaha YTS 62III Professional Tenor Saxophone or Not?

Now that we’re done knowing the features of the YTS 62III professional tenor saxophone, the main concern becomes whether you should buy it or not. So, in this section of Yamaha YTS 62III professional tenor saxophone review, I’m going to show you all the pros and cons, and finally give you our expert’s opinion whether you should buy it or not. Also, do you like the saxophone? Then you can come and see our saxophone collections 10 Best Yamaha Alto Saxophones Review – With Buying Guide and Jean Paul USA AS400 Student Alto Saxophone – The Best Saxophone on 2021 For New Player. I hope you like it.

  • It has moisture resisting silicon leather pads.
  • There are blue colored springs made of stainless steel and it improves the action.
  • You get an adjustable thumb rest.
  • It has supposedly a better and superior tone.
  • You can get improved performance and quick responses.
  • The additional keys, like front F and high F#, have more options for finger positioning’s.
  • It’s a bit too expensive.
  • Beginners might’ve some problems playing this tenor saxophone since it’s designed especially for professional purposes.

So, should you really buy it?

After we tested this instrument in our studios, and every one of our experts loved this saxophone beyond anything else. It’s built quality and everything else is so perfect that you’d be very satisfied to use Yamaha YTS 62III professional tenor saxophone.

So, if you were to ask for my opinion, I think you should definitely try this out! Trust me, you won’t be disappointed in any way!

Frequently Asked Questions

Though I’ve explained to you almost all there is to know about this tenor is here on this article. Among all the feedback we got, we selected a few questions that might interest you or serve your questions regarding a professional saxophone. So, without any further intro into this, let’s answer those frequently asked questions regarding this professional tenor saxophone that are answered below:

Questions 1. What kind of case comes with the saxophone?

            The saxophone comes with a semi-hard case instead of a hard case. That semi-hard case makes the saxophone easier to carry around. Moreover, because of its semi-hard case, its weight is so light. You’ll feel very comfortable having it on you and moving around.

Questions 2. Where is Yamaha YTS 62III professional tenor saxophone manufactured?

            Yamaha is a Japanese company that has factories all over the world. They manufacture instruments from every factory they have according to the location of the authentic and genuine instrument origins. In the case of saxophones, especially this one is manufactured in Japan.

Questions 3. Does Yamaha YTS 62III Professional tenor saxophone come with an additional mouthpiece?

              Yamaha YTS 62III Professional tenor saxophone comes with a Yamaha 4C mouthpiece. You’ll get one extra. But you can still use other new and better mouthpieces with this tenor saxophone. This saxophone is really durable and also easy to play.

Yamaha YTS 62III Professional Tenor Saxophone

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Final Words

So, now that we’re done with the Yamaha YTS 62III professional tenor saxophone review, I’ve given you all there is to know about that saxophone to hone your skills as a professional saxophone player. Moreover, our experts have also given you a briefing on if you should really buy this musical instrument or not! After all, it’s the question of your comfort and what kinds of things you’re looking for in your tenor saxophone, then obviously you need to analyze all the properties carefully. In that case, too, our team thinks that this saxophone is perfect for any type of professional tasks! So, without any further inquiry, get your Yamaha YTS 62III professional tenor saxophone now from the link here!

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