Yamaha P71 Review-The Best Piano

Digital Piano Yamaha P71 Reviews and Buying Guide in 2022


Yamaha P-71 is a full-sized 88-key piano containing full-weighted keys. You can get the most realistic feel with the premium quality piano voices. This piano is one of the best-sellers among its competitors in Amazon.

This piano model features premium sound quality, genuine weighted keys, and portability at an affordable price. Its excellent functions and facilities are appropriate for beginners. Another reason for it being beginner-friendly is its ease in handling and the elegant design, performance aside. We have a number of digital pianos on this service list that you can check out the digital piano Alesis coda pro, Digital Piano Casio px 777, and digital piano Yamaha YDP 164 etc

Yamaha P71 Review-The Best Keyboard For Beginners

Features of Yamaha P71 Digital Piano

There are a lot of special in-built features present in the Digital piano Yamaha P71 Reviews and Buying Guide a completed buying guide in January that can make you improve in almost every area you struggle with. Our Complete Yamaha P71 reviews a completed buying guide in January read and enjoy.

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Yamaha P71 Reviews and Buying Guide of Design

If we are talking about the design, you can rest assured that it comes with a sophisticated and simple design.

This very light and slim piano have a dimension of about 58.2” x 16.1” x 11.7”. It weighs around 25 lbs. So, you can carry it around and place it where you need. For this reason, it is known to be compact and easily portable.

It can also fit into small spaces whether be it in the studio or home. You can find Yamaha P-71 in both black and white versions to choose from.


In terms of instruments, voice denotes to the number of instruments’ tone it can play. Yamaha P-71 can play about 10 other instruments. This contains voices of a grand piano, electric piano, pipe organs, vibraphone, strings, and harpsichords.

Though it can imitate music like other pianos, if you want authentic music from a grand piano, then there is no alternative to buying a Grand Piano. But at the beginner level, it perfectly does the job. Also, don’t forget to check my piano buying guide 10 Common Mistakes People Make When Buying a Piano and The 10 Best Piano Learning Apps for Android and iOS.


Yamaha P-71 digital keyboard has 88 keys that support Graded Hammer Standard action. Moreover, the keys are fully weighted. This enables you to have a grounded sense while playing. When you are playing this piano for a long time, you will not be prone to fatigue as much as the other pianos and your fingers will get stronger and quicker easily because of its high operational keys.

These fully weighted keys might be difficult for a beginner but if you practice adequately, you will learn your way around the piano in no time. And that time you’ll understand the benefit of having a piano with weighted keys.

You can find various touch sensitivity options in this piano. These are soft, medium, hard, and fixed settings.

Let’s Watch a Video Review!


There is no complaining about Yamaha P71’s sound effects. They sound original and coordinated with Yamaha acoustic grand pianos. This allows you to capture music naturally and recreate the most realistic music ever!

With the appropriate voice selection and reverb type, you can produce sound with a quality comparable to other expensive ones.


Polyphony is mainly the combination of multiple sounds. There are a variety of ranges in polyphony. In Yamaha P71, there is 64-note polyphony. The higher the value of polyphony is, the more notes and sounds you can add by combining with sustain pedal and some additional sound effects.

Although 64 notes are not enough for an expert to play some advanced classical music. But if you’re a beginner then it will definitely be enough for your practice. We have a number of digital piano on this service list that you can check out the Yamaha P115 Digital Piano Review – Perfect Piano for A Pianist and many digital or acoustic piano. Also, don’t forget to check my piano guide article DIGITAL PIANO VS MIDI KEYBOARD: Which One’s Better? and HOW MANY KEYS ON A PIANO KEYBOARD: UNLIMITED GUIDE FOR A BEGINNER’S ON 2021 and DIGITAL PIANO VS ACOUSTIC PIANO: Which One Is the Best? [2021 Edition]


Another great feature you can get by using Yamaha P71 is that you can use it in two different modes.

The first mode is Dual Mode. It is similar to splitting the piano keyboard into two parts. It will enable you to play two different instruments at the same time on this piano. For example, if you want to play the piano and violin simultaneously, you can use this mode at that time. You can also regulate the equilibrium between the two instruments. The Yamaha P71 Reviews and Buying Guide is a completed buying guide in January you can read and enjoy.

Another one is the Duo Mode. This is an interesting feature. Similar to Dual Mode, it splits the piano into two parts. But not for two different instruments; for two different players. So, this function splits the keyboard into two parts of identical octave range. If you want to play the piano along with your friend but having a shortage, Yamaha P71 will solve that for you.

Pitch Changing and Fine-tuning

You can change the pitch and level it higher or lower in this digital piano. This feature is known as transposing.

In addition to that, if you want to fine-tune the piano into a more accurate sound, you can do this in this piano easily. With the fine-tuning instrument, you can increase or decrease the sensitive frequency of about 0.2Hz. If you like music, then one of the best musical instruments is the saxophone. Which is different from others.

Connection Ports and Cables

Since Yamaha P71 was designed mainly for beginners, everything around the piano is easy to operate. The connection ports and cables are no different.

You can connect this digital piano with other digital devices like computers through these connectivity ports. It helps you synchronize with the other devices better. For this purpose, Yamaha P71 comes with a USB port, a headphone, and a sustain jack. Although the port is not as functional as MIDI, it will still be adequate. Also, do you like the piano? Then you can come and see our violin collection’s Best Violins for Beginners in 2022 – Review and Buying Guide. I hope you like it.

Yamaha P71 Review-The Best Keyboard

Other Accessories The Piano

Some other accessories come in a package with the Yamaha P71 Reviews and Buying Guide For Beginners. They are –

  • Footswitch
  • Sheet holding stand
  • Power Adapter
  • Warranty
  • User Manual


The full specifications of Yamaha P71 are given below:

  • Dimension: 58.2” x 16.1” x 11.7”
  • Weight: 25 pounds
  • Number of Keys: 88 (full-weighted)
  • Type of Keys: Graded hammer (GHS)
  • Piano Tune: Advanced Wave Memory (Stereo)
  • Voice: 10
  • Polyphony: 64 notes
  • Tempo: 32 ~ 280
  • Modes: Dual and Duo
  • Tuning: 414.8 / 440 / 446.8 Hz
  • Effects: Room, 2 Halls and Stage


  1. You can improve your skills quickly with the weighted keys.
  2. Easy to control, select and adjust features.
  3. Very portable, you can place it wherever you want.
  4. The modes enable you to get more professional.
  5. The sound quality is better.
  6. Very affordable.
  7. The pedals are included with the package.
  8. It is ideally designed for beginners.
  9. There are two in-built speakers.


  1. The keys may feel a bit inconvenient while playing.
  2. There is no recording function.
  3. The sustain pedal quality is debatable.
  4. Accessing the headphone jack at the back might be a bit difficult.
  5. No recording system.

Final Verdict

Happy Playing