The Different Types of Drums and Their Unique Features

The Different Types of Drums - The New Ultimate Guide
The Different Types of Drums – The New Ultimate Guide 2022

Drums are the backbone of any band. They’re one of the essential components that make up a great sound. There are different types of drums, with different features and sounds that can make them appealing to different musicians. One of the most important factors when purchasing a drum is its type. Different drums with different features make playing the drums more fun and more accessible. 

In this comprehensive drum guide, I will take you into the world of drums. I will explain the different types of drums and their exclusive features and the advantages they provide. Are you ready? Because here we go!

What are drums?

Definition of drums
Definition of Drums

Drums have been around since the dawn of time and have played an important role in many cultures across the world. They are often used by musicians to create rhythm and accompaniment for their songs. 

Let’s start with the basic knowledge of drums. What are drums? They are one of the most important instruments in any band, and they provide the beat and rhythm for songs and can be used to create a variety of sounds.

Drums can be made from a variety of materials, including wood, metal, or even plastic. Many different types of drums are available, each with its unique sound. Musicians use drums to produce a wide range of sounds that can be used in music ranging from rock to country to hip-hop.

Explore the different types of drums and their features:

1. Bass Drum:

Bass drum picture
Bass Drum

A bass drum is a large, cylindrical drum that is usually mounted on a stand. It is used to produce the low-pitched sound in a drum set. The drum is made from several different types of materials, including wood, metal, and plastic. Bass drums are typically deep and wide, and they can be either single or double-headed. They come in many different sizes and shapes, and they can be decorated with stickers, paint, or other accessories. Some bass drums are also equipped with cymbals and other bells.

Drum Sets

What are the different types of bass drums?

There are a few different types of bass drums, depending on the purpose they are used for. There are two main types:

  • The concert bass drum, and 
  • The kick drum
The concert bass drum:

A concert bass drum is a large drum that is used in many types of music. It is usually taller than it is wide and has a deeper tone than most other drums. The main purpose of the concert bass drum is to provide a deep, powerful sound for concerts and performances.

The kick drum:

In discussing the different types of drums it can be said that a kick drum is a percussion instrument that is used to create the sound of a beat in popular music. It is typically cylindrical and made from heavy metal or plastic. The drummer uses their feet to hit the drumhead with a special kick/foot pedal, which creates the basic beat for the song.

Do you wanna learn a bass drum beat clearly? This amazing video will help you: Learn A Bass Drum Beat.

What are the features of a good bass drum?

In discussing the different types of drums you should know the different features also. Here I will discuss the various features that make a bass drum so good for musicians. They are listed below.

  1. A good bass drum should be sturdy and have a good sound.
  2. They should be easy to tune. 
  3. Bass drums should also have a wide range of tones so that they can be used for different types of music.
  4. Bass drums should have a well-crafted shell that is both durable and resonant.
  5. A strong pedal that allows the drummer to easily produce thumping rhythms.

2. Floor Tom Drums:

Floor Tom Drum
A Floor Tom Drum

Floor Tom drums are used in music production to create a rhythmic backbone. They provide an accurate and powerful sound that can be used in a variety of genres, from rock to funk, and they come in both acoustic and electronic versions. Floor tom drums’ built-in speakers allow you to practice without having to rely on headphones. You can also convert a floor tom drum into a bass drum easily by using a floor tom drum conversion kit.

They also come in a variety of sizes, and they are available in both wood and metal construction and can be mounted on stands or floorboards.

Floor Tom Conversion Kit
Floor Tom Conversion Kit

What are the different types of floor tom drums?

The types of floor tom drums include acoustic, electronic, and hybrid drums. 

Acoustic Floor Toms:

Acoustic floor tom drums are the traditional type and have a wooden or metal drum body with a rubber or felt head. 

Electronic Floor Toms:

Electronic drums are played via electrical signals that trigger the drum’s vibration. 

Hybrid Floor Toms:

Hybrid drums combine the features of both acoustic and electronic drums and have a wooden body with an electronic module that triggers the vibration. These drums are popular because they provide the sound and feel of an acoustic drum but can be played electronically. They are also easier to transport and set up than either type of drum.

What are the features of a good floor tom drum?

  1. A good floor tom drum should have a strong frame that can support the weight of the instrument and make it more durable.
  2. It should have a comfortable grip.
  3. Some floor tom drums also come equipped with cymbals so that you can create more sonic diversity in your performance.
  4. A good floor tom drum should have adjustable heads and legs, which makes them easier to play.

3. Snare Drums:

Snare Drums Picture
Snare Drums

Snare drums are percussion instruments that are typically used in the drumming and marching band setting. They are typically cylindrical, with a skin made of either hard or soft cowhide, and a large head made of wood or metal. They are played by striking the head with a stick or hand, or by hitting the drum shell with the side of the hand. 

Snare drums are commonly used in rock, funk, and jazz styles of music. They provide a solid backbeat and often create a “click” or “thunk” sound when hit correctly. They are an important part of many percussion set lists and can be very effective in creating a rhythm section for a band.

What are the different types of snare drums?

The goal of a snare drum is to produce a thump or “click” that can be heard by the listener. This sound is created when the drum head is hit with a drum stick or rubber mallet. The snare drum provides a fundamental rhythm for many types of music, such as rock, funk, and country. The different types of drums, basically different kinds of snare drums are discussed below.

  • Drum kit snare drums
  • Concert snare drums
  • Marching snare drums
  • Pipe band snare drums
  • Piccolo snare drums
  • Soprano snare drums
Drum kit snare drums:

A drum kit snare drum is a percussion instrument that is mounted on the top of a drum kit. It is typically made out of metal or plastic and has two circular heads or snares. It is used to create the sound of a drum kit.

Concert snare drums:

A concert snare drum is a type of drum that is often used in classical, jazz, orchestral, and rock performances. They are typically made from a softer, more malleable material than other drums, which allows for a greater range of sound. They are often played with two hands and are used to create a thumping backbeat.

Marching snare drums:
A Marching Snare Drum
A Marching Snare Drum

A marching snare drum is a type of drum that is used in marching bands and drum corps. It is usually made of hard, durable materials such as metal or plastic and has a cylindrical shell that is often decorated. The drum is mounted on a long boom. That is usually held by the drummer or a backup drummer. When the drummers perform a march they hold the boom in front of them. They use their hands to beat the drumheads against the sides of the shell.

Pipe band snare drums:

A pipe band snare drum is a type of drum that is used in pipe bands. It is a large, cylindrical drum that is usually made from wood and has a metal head. The drum is typically mounted on a stand or pedestal and played by hitting the head with the hand or with a stick.

A Pipe Band Snare Drum
A Pipe Band Snare Drum
Piccolo snare drums:

Piccolo snare drums are a type of drum that is smaller than a regular snare drum and is played with a small drumstick. The main purpose of this drum is to provide a quieter accompaniment to the other instruments in a band and is typically used in slower or softer passages.

Soprano snare drums:

Soprano snare drums are designed specifically for the soprano drummer. They have a smaller diameter than other snare drums, making them easier to grip and control. Soprano snare drums also have a narrower profile, making them easier to mount on stands.

There are several advantages to using soprano snare drums.

First, they are less loud than other snare drums, making them ideal for quieter performances. 

Second, they are easier to play because they require less hand and finger strength. 

Finally, soprano snare drums tend to be more responsive than other types of drums, providing the player with greater control over their sound.

What are the features and advantages of a good snare drum?

  1. Snare drums are often used to create a powerful rhythm, and they are a great way to add excitement to the music.
  2. They have two or more wires stretched across the top, which are hit with a stick to produce a sound.
  3. They are often used in music genres like funk, reggae, and rock, and can be played by both professionals and amateurs.

4. Tenor drums

Tenor Drums Picture
Tenor Drums

Now, we are going to learn more about the different types of drums that exist in the world of music. Tenor drums are drums that fall between the bass drum and the snare drum in size. They are popular among the band and orchestral players because they provide a good balance of weight and tone, making them versatile for a variety of genres. They are also popular among drummers who want to play in multiple styles, as they can be played on both low and high beats. Tenor drums are typically tuned a fifth lower than standard drums, which gives them a deeper tone.

What are the different types of tenor drums?

Modern pipe bands use one of three tenor drum types:

Flourishing tenor drums:

Flourishing tenors provide a rich and textured sound that is perfect for any genre of music. They can be played with a variety of techniques, including tapping, bashing, and finger-drumming. Their unique tone makes them an excellent choice for scoring background music or underscoring dramatic scenes.

Alto tenor drums:

Alto tenor drums are one of the types of drums that are used in the classical music genre. They are usually played by the lead or first violins and can be very loud. Alto tenors also have a higher pitch than other drums, which makes them ideal for playing high-pitched notes.

Rhythm tenor drums:

Rhythm tenor drums are one of the types of drums that fall in the middle of the drumming spectrum, between a full-size bass drum and a small snare drum. They are often used in rock and pop music to create a more rhythm-based sound, as they aren’t as pronounced or loud as a full-size bass drum, but still, have enough volume to be heard clearly.

What are the features of a good tenor drum?

  1. It should have a temperature pitch control facility.
  2. Tenors should have metal leg rest.
  3. It should have a curry hook.

5. Bodhran Drums:

Bodhran drums are an important part of traditional Celtic music. They are typically made from a single piece of wood and have a small metal drumhead on which the player strikes the drum with his or her hand. The percussion Instruments have a long history among the people of Ireland and Scotland, where they are commonly played at festivals and other celebrations.

An Irish Bodhran Drum
An Irish Bodhran Drum

What are the different types of bodhran drums?

There are generally two types of bodhran drums. The two general types of bodhran design are based on traditional bodhrans. They are:

  • Traditional bodhran drums, and
  • Modern/Contemporary bodhrans

The traditional version has a thinner shell, smaller crossbars, and a larger diameter, while the second type was designed and used a lot more frequently today. Its shell is deeper, it has a slimmer diameter, and crossbars are not used.

Traditional bodhrans:

The traditional bodhran drums are a percussion instrument that is used in Celtic and other folk music. The bodhran drum has a conical shape and is made of wood or metal. It is played by striking the top with a hand or with a mallet.

Modern/Contemporary bodhrans:

The development of the modern bodhran drum is a fascinating story that has spanned centuries and continents. Bodhran drums were originally crafted from animal skins, but over time they evolved into what we see today: delicately crafted instruments made of various materials, including wood, metal, and plastics. Modern bodhrans come in all shapes and sizes, but they all share one common feature: their cylindrical shape. Bodhrans are typically played by hand or with a stick, and they are used to accompany traditional Celtic music.

What are the features of a good bodhran drum?

  1. The pitch of the bodhran can be adjusted by tightening or loosening the screws on the head.
  2. Bodhrans are very durable and can last for many years with proper care.
  3. They are also very portable, making them perfect for traveling.

Thanks for reading this ultimate guide on the types of drums. I tried to give you the most updated and useful information as a detailed guide basically on drums. I hope that this article about the different types of drums was helpful for you and that it has answered your questions. If you wanna know more about acoustic and electric drums then you can read this Acoustic Vs. Electric Drums Set: What’s Right For You article right now! Good luck with learning the drums and enjoy playing!