Mendini Kids Drum Set

Mendini Kids Drum Set – Unlimited Reviews and Buying Guide For Kids on 2021


Here we are focusing on drum kits that are made for kids. You can get electronic drum kit reviews online to buy an electric drum for your kid. But with an electric drum, your kid won’t get the natural feel of drumming. This creates a problem later on facing an actual drum set. That’s precisely why we will be getting you a junior drum set that you can get for your kid. And help him/her start their drumming journey from an early age. Also, do you like the piano? Then you can come and see our violin collection’s Best Violins for Beginners in Dec 2020 – Review and Buying Guide. I hope you like it.

Let’s check out the Mendini kids drum set review in 2020 which we have found to be one of the best junior drums.

Main Features Of Mendini Kids Drum Set

The Mendini kids drum set review in 2020 is a great choice for beginner junior drummers. It is a 5-piece drum set made only for kids between 2 feet to 5 feet. Having 5 components of a drum set makes it a complete package for learning drums. It has got all the major parts of drums, just like a regular adult-sized drum set.

The kit comes with a 16″ x 11″ bass drum, which basically produces the kick drum sounds. There are three tom-toms in total. One is a floor tom, and two are on the top. The dimension of the floor tom is 12”x10”. And the top two are 10”x5” and 8”x6”. Along with that, you get a matching snare drum of 10″x6″. A hi-hat of 8” comes along with a stand. There is a 10″ crash cymbal that is mounted on a standwith the bass drum.

Mendini by Cecilio Drum Set


Apart from the kit, you get a padded throne. This one is an adjustable height throne for making it easier to play the drums. You get a pair of drum sticks of high quality. A manual that is pretty easy to understand. You will need that manual for setting up the drum kit for the first time. And finally, you get a bass drum pedal.


Now let’s come to the actual point, the sound. Right of the bat, this drum set will produce the most realistic drum sounds you can get in junior drum kits. It has got sounds that can be compared to actual adult drum kits.

To start things off, the snares are just perfect on this one. You get all the details and precision in the notes of the drum. And if you don’t know how the sounds should be, you can check out different videos on the internet to judge for yourself. Also, we will be providing a short guide on that too.

Another top-quality sound-producing element on this one is the toms. It comes with genuine and realistic drum sounds of a tom, which you wouldn’t expect from a junior drum kit. Also, don’t forget to check my reviews article Alesis Nitro Mesh Electronic Drum Kit – Full Reviews and How to Setup a Drum Set in Simple Ways step by step your guide and The Process to Drum Kit Set Up (Full Instruction) please read the.

If we had to nitpick on something, then it would be the bass drum. The bass drum doesn’t quite have the kind of sound you would want in it. It doesn’t have that punch to it. also, the snare and the cymbals sounds aren’t quite of the highest quality.

But you can fix that by some tuning and modification if you want. However, the junior drummers won’t care about the sound quality that much. They will be focusing on having fun with the drum set. So, all in all, the sounds of this one work pretty well. Also do you like Harmonicas? Then you can come and see our 10 Best Harmonicas for Beginners – Reviews and Buying Guide. I hope you like it.


Now let’s talk about the assembly of the kit. Well, the assembly is too easy. You can easily do that yourself. If you don’t have any prior knowledge of drums or drumming, you can follow along with the manual with this drum set. So, it’s pretty easy to set up and comes with all the things your kid needs to play the Mendini by Cecilio drum set.

The build quality is quite good for this as well. Usually, junior drum sets aren’t durable most of the time; they tend to break every now and then. But this one will surely last for a long time. We have a number of digital pianos on this service list that you can check out. Also, the kits’ size is perfect for kids as they get enough space to move around as well.

Now let’s come to the price point. Well, considering all those qualities and features of the Mendini kids drum set reviews, you are getting a pretty good deal on this one. You will be getting the complete set up under the price of $200. This is value for money when you take in the sound quality and build quality into consideration.

Let’s See A Video Review

So, you can see all the reasons why we chose this one. It has got all the features you need in a beginner drum and a bit advanced drum as well. And by the time your kid learns drumming, you will be buying him/her an adult drum set.

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Considerations before buying a drum

Now let’s check out the sounds you need to check before you buy any drum kit. There are various kits on a Walmart drum set; each one has its own quality of sounds. The Mendini kids drum set reviews Let’s go through them quickly.

  • Snare: In snare drum, you expect to have a buzzing sound that comes with a snap.
  • Toms: They produce the majority of the drum sounds. Usually, they have the cleanest sounds in a drum kit.
  • Bass drum: You would expect to get a “thud” kind of sound from your bass drum. It has a heavy and low tone to it.

These are the three major sounds you should be noticing. Other than that, cymbals come with a pretty thin sound, and they are almost the same. 

Mendini Drum Set


Well, we brought you the review of a junior drum that will help you make your decision to buy it. But if you think the sounds are too loud, then you can go for the electronic Mendini Kids Drum Set – Unlimited Reviews and Buying Guide For Kids on 2021 to check out some of them as they come with moderate volume and some functionalities. But if you are dead set on making your kid a Rockstar, then this is the kind of best Mendini by Cecilio drum set you will need.