Lava ME 2 Carbon Fiber Travel Guitar – Full Review and Buying Guide in 2021

So, here we will be reviewing an acoustic-electric travel guitar. It’s called the Lava ME 2. Many people have already gone through the specifics of the guitar. If you are looking for something simply amazing as a guitar, then this is it.

Now, let’s get to know why it is this amazing.

Features of lava me 2 carbon fiber travel guitar

Well, the unique thing about this guitar is its effects and electric capabilities. You don’t have to connect it to any amp or processor. Besides that, there are some more things to this guitar that will be convincing enough for you to buy this one.

  • Battery Type: Lithium lon.
  • Hand filed frats and hand-carved nut & saddle.
  • Best Genuine Cover
  • Gloss black pickguard
  • Abalone rosette
  • Guitar Bridge system: Double
  • Markers: Pearl dot fret
  • Weight: 3.7 pounds
  • Size: Free boost (The Free boost technology L2 pickups enable a new experiences)
  • Product Dimensions: 36.89 x 12.72 x 4.65 inches
  • First available: 20 May 2019 available in the market
  • Tuning Machine Head: 21:1 Radio Alumium Alloy
  • Body material: Top-Super Air sonic, Fretboard-HPL, Back-Carbon Fiber and Bridge-HPL (The Super Airsonic carbon fiber material woods are likely to deform in weather conditions)
  • String: 6 (Elixir Nanoweb 012)
  • String Length: 23.62 inches
  • Customer reviews: 4.2 out of 5 stars

Build and design

Heavy built with light-weight

The most attractive thing about this build is the carbon fiber body. This makes the guitar a super light one and very easy to carry. A light body is the signature of a good travel guitar. Because you wouldn’t want to carry a heavy burden around here and there.

Apart from being lightweight, this carbon fiber body gives this one a sturdy construction as well. You might know that carbon fibers are very much durable in terms of lasting.

lava carbon fiber travel guitar


Design that catches the eyes

Now coming to the design, this is very simple in looks. The sound hole isn’t a conventional circular one; neither it’s in the middle. Shape wise this is unibody construction, so you can hold it either way.

As the guitar is made of carbon fiber, you wouldn’t need to worry about dents or breaking. Also, it stays the same throughout the year weather does not affect the guitar at all. 

Based on the look of the neck, it doesn’t seem like much. But when it comes to the performance of the design, the neck will do wonders for you. The technology on the neck is called a fly neck. we are talking about the lava me 2 carbon fiber travel guitar reviews. It was designed with so much precision that you will get an extreme comfort level playing this one.

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Sounds and effects

Sounds you love to hear

Let’s directly get to the point of why this one is the best travel guitar. This one has great sound quality even without the effects being in place. The guitar has a fullness in its sound, and the volume is very much audible as well.

You will get much more of the higher notes, and some controlled low notes here and there. This gives a certain feel to this guitar.

The guitar has got this net honeycomb soundboard that gives you amazing electric sounds. This isn’t just an acoustic guitar; you get electric and acoustic both of them together. This soundboard gives the guitar more detailed sounds, and also the sounds are very clear.

Talking about the effects and all its cool features first would obviously be the free boost technology. With this technology, you will have a highly capable amplifier built right into the guitar.

Well, that’s something you can’t simply get in other guitars at all. Also, the sounds come from the integrated speakers on the guitar.

lava me 2 carbon fiber travel guitar reviews


Effects make it special

When you turn on this one’s effects, you will get the true feel of this guitar. This is what differentiates this one from all other acoustic travel guitars out there.

The reverb effect on this one is very much impressive. There are two effects on this guitar. One is the chorus effect, and the other is the delay effect.

The chorus effect on this comes with a very refined sound along with crisp and clear tones. The sounds of the strings don’t overlap, which gives you perfect note in every stroke. Then there is the delay effect, which works wonder on itself.

Surely, it won’t be as effective as a delay pedal. But on its own, this one works better than your expectations. 

Apart from these effects, you will get a percussion effect on this one as well. That’s something you would crave for while playing those funky rhythms and jazz songs.

Convenience and Portability

Move it everywhere

The body is super lightweight, so you can easily move around with the guitar. It also helps you in handling the guitar quite well.

But even with that, you don’t need to compromise with the sounds or features at all. Because of the built-in effects and amp functionality, you can rock a show on your own wherever you want.

Convenience is convincing

But why is it convenient? Well, usually to get all these features, you would have to spend some extra money. Besides some extra money, you would have had trouble carrying all that additional equipment such as amps, processors, and pedals.

But for this one, you don’t have to go through those troubles at all. You can just take the guitar and start playing. For the sounds, it has got its own speakers as well.

As the guitar is built of carbon fiber, durability is a sure thing. On top of that, you will get a hard case for the guitar to carry it around. 

Value for money

This doesn’t come cheap. But it is definitely worth your money. Because usually, you would want to have an acoustic guitar and an electric guitar. The total amount will surely exceed the price of this one if you are considering the quality.

But here you will be getting both of those guitars on one. Also, you won’t need to spend money on any additional things either. So, you are saving quite a lot of money here.

Besides considering all its features, build, and sound quality, this is an excellent choice. And you will realize your money was well spent buying this lava ME 2 carbon fiber travel guitar full review and buying guide in Dec 2020. We have a number of digital pianos and guitars on this service list that you can check out the digital piano Yamaha P71 & Best Firefly FF338 Semi Hollowbody Guitar – Unlimited Review with Buying Guide For A New Guitarist and How to Play Classical Guitar for Beginners? – Easy Tips and Tricks [2021 Edition].

FAQ’s of Lava ME 2 Carbon Fiber Travel Guitar

Q-1: How much time does it take to charge the battery?

A: You will need to charge the battery for about 4 hours. After charging for 4 hours you can use the guitar for 20 hours while plugged in an amp. And in the freeboost mode you can use it for 10 hours.

Q-2: Is the battery replaceable?

A: Yes, the battery on this one is replaceable. You can contact LAVA for getting batteries. Although the battery life on this one is 6 years so you won’t need to worry that much.

Q-3: Is the material appropriate for guitars?

A: Yes, as the material is carbon fiber it gives the guitar a lighter weight than wood. Maybe some guitar users will need a bit of time to adjust with the lightweight. But it’s great to have lighter weight with extreme durability.




Evolution is part of this world. This guitar is the evolution of the guitar world. With all its glory, you can say that this is the best acoustic-electric travel guitar without a single doubt. Here, we tried to explain why and how it got that reputation. Hopefully, this guide cleared all of your confusion and helped you make a clear choice.