Jean Paul USA AS400 Student Alto Saxophone – The Best Saxophone on 2021 For New Player

Jean Paul Alto Saxophone Reviews 2021

Music is the ultimate embodiment of human emotions. Each instrument generates such a variety of sounds that demonstrate the power of music in our minds. Today you are going to read complete our Jean Paul USA AS400 Student Alto Saxophone – The Best Saxophone On 2021 For New Player. There are a lot of instrument types that can generate different sorts of sounds which may result in generating various sorts of emotion in you.

The Jean Paul USA AS400 Student Alto Saxophone is one such instrument. If you want to get deeper into this instrument and explore all its areas, it’s best if you start with beginner alto saxophones. Saxophones are generally used in wide varieties of music such as jazz, pop, blues, rock, and so on. And what better to use a student alto saxophone to cover all these easily?

I brought you this article as a Jean Paul alto saxophone review, which is one of the most popular saxophones in the market. Our team bought this student alto saxophone, tested it out, and checked all its parts and functions.

So, are you looking for the best student alto saxophone in the market? Don’t know which ones to buy and check? Wondering why we are suggesting buying Jean Paul USA AS400 Student Alto Saxophone? Worry not! In this Jean Paul alto saxophone review, I’ll answer all of those questions and also explain our team’s observations as I go on with the article.

About Jean Paul USA…

The Jean Paul USA AS400 Student Alto Saxophone is one of the most popular brands for high-quality saxophones and other musical instruments. Most of their saxophones are for beginner and intermediary players. To talk about their services and priorities while manufacturing saxophones, they prioritize quality over anything. Customer satisfaction is their main aim!

They test each of the saxophones in their factories multiple times before launching into the market. For example, the testing of a simple saxophone undergoes bench testing in the factory, then in a corporate facility. All of these by highly professional individuals who’re experts in these types of checking!

Moreover, to ensure your experience on using their saxophones to be positive, they’ll sell you the saxophones with a back up for parts of 1 year along with a warranty of labor.

Jean Paul Alto Saxophone Reviews

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About Jean Paul USA AS400 Student Alto Saxophone…

The Jean Paul USA AS400 Student Alto Saxophone is, in short, the perfect saxophone for you if you’re just starting to learn saxophones. It even works best for intermediate level players. Its build structure, functionality, and other special properties are going to make you choose it over other saxophones. Are you curious as to why I said so? I’m going to answer that right away!

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Jean Paul USA AS400 Student Alto Saxophone Specifications

The Jean Paul USA AS400 Student Alto Saxophone has unique specifications that you should know before getting to its special features. so, let’s get on with the detailed structural feature we noticed while testing it in our experimenting zone!

  1. The dimension of the Saxophone: 7 inches x 26 inches x 12 inches
  2. Weight of the Saxophone: 12 lbs.
  3. The material of the Saxophone: This saxophone is made from yellow brass
  4. Bell Design Type: The bell of this saxophone is hand engraved and of a one-piece design.
  5. Key Button Materials: The key button is made from mother of pearl.
  6. Key Tone: The saxophone is toned into the key of Eb
  7. Auxiliary Key Tone: Besides the primary key tone, the saxophone is toned into High F# as the auxiliary key tone.
  8. Spring Materials: There are springs under the keys made with blue stainless steel.
  9. Finishing of the Saxophone: The total outlook of the saxophone resembles a Gold lacquer finishing.
  10. Status of the Thumb Hook: The thumb hook is fixed to its spot.
  11. Type of the Pivot Screw: The pivot screw is tapered.
  12. Mouthpiece: Jean Paul USA AS-400 student alto saxophone uses a standard mouthpiece.
  13. Ligature of the Saxophone: The ligature is nickel plated and also is high quality made from the USA.
  14. In the Box: Besides the saxophone, you’ll get a standard case, an extra mouthpiece, a high-quality ligature, a 2.5 Rico reed, a cleaning cloth, a cork grease, and a cleaning swab.

Features of Jean Paul USA AS400 Student Alto Saxophone

Among its main features, we tested the quality, durability, value, accessibility, and so on, we’ve tested all out and in this Jean Paul USA AS400 Student Alto Saxophone review, I’m going to explain all of those. Also, do you like the saxophone? Then you can come and see our saxophone collections 10 Best Yamaha Alto Saxophones Review – With Buying Guide. I hope you like it.

Quality of the Saxophone:

While we were holding the saxophone, its seamless luster astounded us. Upon careful looking, we saw that it was carefully crafted, and you won’t need any kind of further tweaking because of its airtightness and parts setup. It has an H-ligature that’s of wonderful quality.

We’ve also noticed that while playing you’d need lesser airflow to generate a harmonious melody. Jean Paul ensures their saxophone to grow as you grow along with them with their wondrous sounds.

The durability of the Saxophone:

As our team did more research on the saxophone, we also tested this saxophone for durability. the bell brace on it is very strong. Moreover, the keys are so strong that even if you’re the harshest player in the world, those will still hold on and be long lasting. Again, the Jean Paul USA company gives you a 1-year warranty to show off the durability of this saxophone.

Value of the Saxophone:

Though this saxophone is comparatively more expensive than an average beginner saxophone, Jean Paul USA AS400 Student Alto Saxophone’s exceptional quality covers well for all that extra money. We even found similarities in this saxophone and some more expensive models that are twice the price of this saxophone. We’ve tested it for months and saw its sound improving throughout the practice sessions! So, it’ll support and grow with you till the intermediate level!

Moreover, its tactilely magnificent keys will give you ultimate pleasure while you’re playing it no matter how long you play. Jean Paul USA AS400 Student Alto Saxophone is, according to our team, one of the best and most exceptional saxophones for a beginner to have! Also, do you like the saxophone? Then you can come and see our saxophone collections Yamaha YTS 62III Saxophone Review – Best Professional Tenor Saxophone. I hope you like it.

Included Accessories:

Like other saxophones, it comes with other extra handy accessories. Right out of the box, you’d get a strong and sturdy case. This case will not only protect your saxophone but also will help you carry the saxophone around easily. There is a neck strap on the case that you can adjust according to your comfort.

In addition to that, you’re getting some really helpful cleaning supplies! Though you’re getting a standard mouthpiece with the saxophone. But, for a better experience, our experts would suggest you upgrade your mouthpiece to a better and higher quality one.

Another great thing about this saxophone is that you’ll get tweezers or screwdrivers included with the saxophone. The cap and the H-ligature created by Rico, so it’d definitely be of top quality.


There are power forged keys along with professional style Rico reeds. As a result, you’ll get a superior quality sound produced by the saxophone. Moreover, that sound is very melodious, rhythmic, beautiful, and with proper consistency. Also, do you like the saxophone? Then you can come and see our saxophone collections Yamaha YAS-280 Saxophone – Full Review And Buying Guide on 2021. I hope you like it.

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So, Should You Buy Jean Paul USA AS400 Student Alto Saxophone or Not?

In this section, I’m going to point out some of the benefits and positive sides of using this student alto saxophone and also the possible negative sides of this saxophone. Lastly, I’ll explain our experts’ opinion by answering this question.

  • The structure and body design are so comfortable and lightweight.
  • It has wonderful value and quality is very premium.
  • Jean Paul USA will offer you great customer service.
  • The case that it comes in is so great because not only it has a lesser weight but also, it’s very easy to carry around.
  • It’s very pricey in comparison with beginner saxophones. But it resembles many professional and pricey saxophones.

  • There are different parts of this saxophone and those are very difficult to find.

Expert Opinion:

As I’ve already mentioned, our experts have thoroughly tested and researched this Jean Paul USA AS400 Student Alto Saxophone. And according to them, they’ve strongly recommended this student alto saxophone if you can afford it. My colleague Chuck said,

“If you’re serious about learning and playing saxophones, you should really try this saxophone out! Trust me, this saxophone is among the best beginner saxophones I’ve ever tried. So, I would strongly recommend this saxophone.”

So, I’d definitely buy one if I were you! Click this link here to order yours!

Jean Paul Alto Saxophone

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Final Words

From this whole Jean Paul USA AS400 Student Alto Saxophone review, I can definitely vouch for this saxophone. Why? Because as you can see already, this saxophone is a very delightful instrument that can entertain not only you but also anyone who’s listening to you playing.

Not only you can play this saxophone for hours end but also you can feel the comfort and smoothness coming right out of it while playing the saxophone. This instrument when properly attached with the proper and high-quality accessories can make you perform so well that even you’ll be in awe! Moreover, the people listening to it will also be satisfied with its pleasant and melodious sound.

So, don’t make any more delays, and grab your one from here today!

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