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How to Setup a Drum Set in Simple Ways

Let’s face it! Today you are going to read complete our How to Setup a Drum Set in Simple Ways. There are a few facts that you should know if you want to have a drum set. Well, what is it? It can be anything! But what’s the most important thing to know if you want to have a drum set? That is, how to setup a drum set in simple and quick way! step by step your guide.

Setting Up Drums

So, When we want to rearrange our drums depending on the number of parts we’re working with when putting up the drum set. Most novices begin with a four- or five-piece drum set, but as their skills grow, many artists add extra components to their setup. Let us start learning how to setup a Drum set.

Step-by-step instructions:

1. Begin with the feet.

Take a seat on the drum stool. Place feet flat on the floor, shoulder-width apart and at an equal distance from the torso. This is a stable and comfortable sitting position.

Place the pedals in front of our feet. The bass drum pedal will be under our right foot and the hi-hat pedal will be under our left foot if we’re using a right-handed/right-footed drum kit. If we have a double bass drum pedal, we can place it after the rest of the kit is set up. Remember, only two pedals should be in place at this time – no drums, nor cymbals, only the person and the bass drum pedal with a hi-hat stand! Here’s just the beginning of our instructions on how to setup a drum set.

2. Arrange the rest of the parts of the drums

Arrange the rest of the parts of the drums

Carefully place the bass drum behind the pedal to secure it. Place the snare stand between the two pedals and set it up. Install the toms and cymbal stands before placing the cymbals.

3. Adjust the hardware’s height.

Check the drum stool’s (also known as the’ drum throne’) height. You’ll spend the majority of your time seated, so make sure you’re comfortable!

Knees should be bent at a (nearly) 90-degree angle when you sit on the stool. Hips and knees should be about an inch apart. Make sure the stool isn’t too low. When your knees are higher than your hips, your hips and upper legs are put under needless strain.

Make sure the snare stand is at the proper height. Some drummers prefer their snare drums to be tilted, while others prefer the surface of the snare drum to be parallel to the floor.

Keep the rim of the drum about the width of your fist higher than your thighs when it comes to snare height. This means you won’t be hitting your legs when hitting rim shots on the snare! When the snare drum is set too high, your elbows are bound to raise uncomfortably, causing strain and poor drumming technique. Also, don’t forget to check my article Learn How to Tune a Drum Set in Easy Simple Ways! andThe Process to Drum Kit Set Up (Full Instruction) and Acoustic Vs. Electric Drums Set: What’s Right For You please read the.

How to Setup a Drum Set Adjust the hardware's

4. Place the toms and cymbals in their proper positions.

Adjust the floor tom legs so that the floor tom’s surface is the same height as the snare skin. It’s a good idea to tilt the floor tom slightly towards you.

The rack toms are adjusted using either tom mounts that attach to the bass drum or clamps that are attached to cymbal stands or a drum rack. We have to find an acceptable angle and location for the toms regardless of which tom mounting mechanism you employ. Without having to stretch or lean forward, these should be easily accessible.

The cymbals should be above the drum kit so that you can play them by moving your arms upwards rather than forwards. You shouldn’t have to lean or lose your balance on the drum stool when playing the cymbals, just like you didn’t have to when playing the toms.

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Putting the drum shells together

In the next few steps, we will learn how to setup a drum set starting with drum shells after the heads placing and to set up the hardware set. It’s preferable to set them up while sitting on your throne behind your bass drum since this will give you a sense of how everything will look after you’re done. The drums can be set up however you like. Putting the drum shells together, the snare drum should be between your legs, the little rack tom on the left tom arm, the larger rack tom on the right tom arm, and the floor tom to the right, all at the same height as your snare drum. Again, this is merely a suggestion; arrange them as you see fit.

Drum set (bass drum)

1. Place the bass drum on the floor, facing away from you, with the logo head and bass drum legs.

2. Loosen the top wing nut on the bass drum legs so that they swing out, then tighten them down with the legs angled slightly outward. Extend the leg till it touches the floor, loosening the bottom wing nut.

3. Tighten everything up and connect your bass drum pedal to the hoop once the legs are in the proper place. Use a hoop guard to keep your bass drum hoop from getting torn up by your pedal.

Drum snare

1. Tighten the snare drum into the snare stand basket with the basket’s adjustment nut.

2. Set the snare stand’s height to where you’re most comfortable when playing.

 Floor tom

1. Place the floor tom legs in the floor tom brackets and tighten using the bracket’s wing nut.

2. To avoid the floor tom tipping over, make sure the feet are facing outward. {Maintain the same height and angle as the snare drum. When rotating between the two, this makes things a lot easier.}

Toms in a rack

1. Tighten the wing nut on the bass drum bracket by inserting the long section of the tom arm into it.

2. Slide the rack tom onto the tom arm using the side bracket and tighten it down. Keep in mind that the tiny rack tom goes on the left and the huge rack tom goes on the right.

3. Adjust the angle of the rack toms so they’re facing you. This will not only make hitting the drum easier, but it will also make playing more pleasant and less tiring.


We can see how to setup a drum set in detail in the above discussion.  Every significant aspect in the preceding debate. It is simple to learn and set up one’s own drum equipment. Hopefully, this will assist any newbie in setting up their own equipment. This post is written clearly so that everyone can understand the setup. And here’s we’ve almost done learning how to setup a drum set.  Now you can set up a drum set in real.