How To Open A Fender Guitar Case? – Step-by-Step Guide 2022

Do you have a fender guitar case? Are you facing problems opening your fender guitar case and thinking about how to open it? Opening a Fender guitar case is a fairly straightforward process but can require some tricks depending on the case you have. In this blog, I will provide a step-by-step process of opening a fender guitar case using keys. So let’s dive into the blog!

How To Open A Fender Guitar Case – The Easy Way:

It is a simple tutorial that will help if you’ve never opened a Fender guitar case. Follow the below steps to open your fender guitar case easily.

Step 1: Find the hole, insert the key and turn the lock.

Fender guitar cases are usually lockable. The keys are generally included with the purchase of your case. You first need to find the hole on the two or one side of the case where the key fits in. Next, insert the key into this hole and turn it clockwise until it unlocks from its position.

Step 2: Push the lock to open.

Push the locks that exist outside the guitar case. Push the right-side lock to your right and the left-side lock to your left. You will hear a click, and it’s ready to open.

how to open a fender guitar case

Step 3: Lift the guitar case top.

Once you have unlocked the latch lock, lift it on the top of the case. You can also test each side by pulling down gently so that you don’t accidentally break anything off inside or outside your guitar case.

I hope this guide helps you in your times of need. You can also find some important questions’ answers in the FAQs section below. So don’t forget to check it out. If you want to watch a video tutorial, click on the link. You can read our review, especially on Fender guitars, if you are a beginner. Read our Fender Squier Acoustic Guitar Review from the link. Thanks for reading, and good luck!

Guitar Case: FAQs

Are all guitar case keys the same?

No, they are not all the same. The keys on your guitar case will differ depending on your instrument’s brand and model. If you lose your keys, contact the manufacturer and provide them with information about your guitar case, including its model number, if possible.

Do guitar cases fit all guitars?

No. It will not fit all the guitars. Guitar cases come in various shapes and sizes, each designed for a specific type of guitar, like acoustic or electric. In addition, the guitar cases are made with different materials, so some are more durable than others.

Will a bass fit in a guitar case?

No. The bass length is usually greater than a standard guitar and, therefore, cannot fit into the same cases.

How much should a good guitar case cost?

A good guitar case will cost around $60-130. The price depends on the brand and material used, but most cases will fall within this range. Cheaper cases are made with low-quality materials that won’t stand up to regular use or travel. More expensive cases are made from stronger materials like carbon fiber, which is lightweight but strong enough to protect your guitar.

Are wooden guitar cases good?

The wooden guitar cases are designed to offer the best protection for your guitars, but there are some cons that you must consider before buying one. First of all, their weight is higher than other types of cases. Although this is not a problem for players who carry their guitar by hand, those who travel a lot with their instrument will find it difficult to handle. In addition, these cases may have some problems with humidity and water absorption, so they should be carefully handled when you move them around.

What material is best for a guitar case?


Wood is the most common material for guitar cases, but it is also the heaviest and can be prone to cracking and warping over time.

ABS Plastics:

ABS plastic is lighter than wood and tends not to crack or warp as much as wood cases do. As a result, they tend to be more affordable than wood cases as well.

Carbon fiber:

Carbon fiber is even lighter than ABS plastic and doesn’t warp or crack nearly as much as wood cases. However, carbon fiber can also be quite expensive.


Fiberglasses are generally costlier than other materials, such as ABS plastics or wood but have more qualities.

Should I buy a hard case for the guitar?

The main reason why you should buy a hard case is that they offer better protection than soft cases. In addition, they are more durable because they are made from a rigid material that helps prevent the guitar case from cracking.


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