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How to Hold an Electric Guitar Correctly?

Before playing guitar or becoming an electric guitarist, you must know how to hold the guitar properly. Even the prior step is how to place it before you know how to play an electric guitar. There are different ways to hold the guitars depending on the size, scenario, and type of guitar that you are holding. Do you know that electric guitars are easy to hold as compared to acoustic guitars? This is because acoustic guitars are pretty bulky. But if you are thinking about positions, they are the same for both. 

Different Positions to Hold an Electric Guitar:

There are different positions, and we will let you know How to Hold an Electric Guitar Correctly in various positions, whether standing or sitting. 

How to hold an electric guitar perfectly while sitting in an elevated place?

Usually, the most common way to hold a guitar while sitting is by opening the legs. In this position, most guitarists rest the guitar on their right leg while strumming with their right hand. And if the guitarist is left-handed, the guitar is on the left leg, and vice versa. The guitar can easily be placed in this position right below the chest. 

Where to place both hands while playing an Electric Guitar?

You must also remember that you put less strain on comfortably playing the guitar. For this purpose, rest the guitar on one leg and use the opposite arm. Make sure that it is at a right angle. So it won’t cause extra strain on your wrist. This will help you play an electric guitar for a long time without putting any pressure. You can also easily approach the strings. 

Ensure the other arm is at an acute angle to reach the fretboard comfortably. Ensure that the fret hand arm is in a comfortable position and is less than a right angle. Otherwise, you will be putting extra strain on the hand. 

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Where should you keep your elbows while playing an electric guitar, and How to Hold an Electric Guitar Correctly?

Ensure that the elbow of the strumming arm is at the top corner position of the guitar. It will help you provide a smooth pivot point at first pickup, or you may call it the sound hole. This elbow placement will help you play the guitar for a long time without getting tired or putting extra strain on your elbow or arm.

How to approach the Fretboard while sitting and playing an electric guitar?

To approach the guitar ideally while sitting and get a better view of the fretboard, you must make sure that you keep the electric guitar slightly tilted. Typically, you won’t need to look at the fretboard, but as a beginner, you will have to look at it. A tilted position is accurate and comfortable. 

How to Hold an Electric Guitar Correctly while sitting on the Ground?

It seems cool when playing guitar while sitting on the ground. Most people do this for fun. But do you know that you can get tired if you do not position the guitar correctly? Here, make sure to position the guitar so that its body is equal to chest height or below it. Make sure that you keep your back straight at this position. The strumming arm must be at a right angle, and the second must touch the deck. 

Make sure to keep your knees high so you can give support to the guitar while placing it at chest height. The dip must be on the lap, and the resting part must be the one that is at the side of the strumming hand. Make sure that the electric guitar is resting straight at your chest. Another thing to remember is that don’t point the elbows outwards at the top corner of the guitar. Also, keep it at rest and pivot the forearms and wrist on strings. 

How to Hold an Electric Guitar Correctly at the Standing position?

As a beginner, you must start playing an electric guitar while standing. Play it regularly to get used to it. Also, make sure that you have a guitar strap that is easy to hold. Even professional guitarists play electric guitars while standing, which is more comfortable. 

Where to keep hands, elbows, and legs when playing an electric guitar while standing?

There are different things to remember while holding a guitar when standing. The most important thing to do is tilt the neck to get a better view of the fretboard. Make sure to keep the fret hand elbow almost at 90 degrees angle but not more than that. The acute angle is preferable for the fret hand elbow. You must also keep the back straight.

Your strumming arm elbow must be at a forward position that helps to provide great pivot. To give support to the guitar, make sure to bend the leg. It will not only be comfortable, but you will have better access to the fretboard. 

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Important things to Remember When Holding A Guitar While Standing:

There are a few other important things as well that you must keep in mind while holding an electric guitar. Make sure that the strap is tight enough. You must also keep in mind that the fret-hand arm is at a right angle. 

How to Hold Different Parts of an Electric Guitar?

While ensuring that all your body parts are in the correct position, you must also remember that different parts of an electric guitar are also in the perfect position. Let’s discover!

How to Hold an Electric Guitar Neck?

The most important thing to consider is ensuring that the Guitar neck is in the perfect position to play the guitar comfortably. If you dont position the neck perfectly from the beginning, it will be hard to play the guitar. Whether you are a beginner or a professional guitarist, you must know how to hold the neck of an electric guitar. 

So, what will you need to do? Place your thumb on top of the guitar neck. Ensure that your thumb rests comfortably on the guitar neck’s top edge. You must also ensure that your wrist is not hanging too loo or bent too much. The more your hand is relaxed on your neck, the more comfortable you will play the guitar.

How to hold the guitar pick correctly?

When holding the plectrum of an electric guitar, make sure you do not hold it firmly. Make sure to flex it on the strings easily. To make it easier, you must hold the pick of the guitar between your index finger and thumb.

How To Hold An Electric Guitar Correctly – Video Tutorial

Pro Tips to Hold An Electric Guitar:

If you do not know How to Hold an Electric Guitar Correctly? Then there are a few other tips to follow as well. To Hold an electric guitar perfectly, ensure straps are ok, your back is straight, your elbows are at perfect angles, your fingers and thumbs are comfortable, and there is no strain over the wrist. 

The more you look and consider the slight things, the more you will be comfortable while playing your guitar. The standing position while playing an electric guitar is recommended because it does not affect any body part. Similarly, keep the neck flat and below the chest and your knees a bit elevated if you are sitting.