how much is a fender guitar

How Much Is A Fender Guitar?

As a guitar player, I get asked many questions about different guitars. The common questions are:

  • How much is a Fender guitar?
  • How much is a Fender acoustic guitar?
  • How much is a Fender electric guitar?

In this blog post, I’ll reveal all these most-asked questions and answers. So, let’s get started.

How Much Is A Fender Guitar? – An Overview

Fender is a renowned guitar manufacturing company worldwide and manufactures different types of guitars, like, acoustic, acoustasonic, electric, and basses. If you are a beginner guitar player and prefer acoustic guitars, you can purchase acoustic guitars from Fender for as low as only $150-$260 and high as $2000. If you like electric guitars, you can buy them for only $180, and the high price is $3500. For electric basses, the price starts at $1550, and if you want to buy an expensive one, you have to pay $2400.

Most Popular Fender Guitar Models:

Fender has developed many guitar models according to the guitar types that suit any player’s needs. Whether you are a newbie or a pro musician, Fender is an ideal choice. Here I share different models of Fender acoustic guitars, electric guitars, basses, and acoustasonic.

List of Fender Acoustic Guitar Models:

  1. Concert
  2. Dreadnought
  3. New Porter
  4. Malibu
  5. Redondo
  6. Telecaster
  7. Jazzmaster
  8. Parlor
  9. A-Style Mandolin
  10. Auditorium
  11. Open-Back Banjo
  12. Orchestra
  13. Resonator
  14. Stratocaster
  15. Other

List of Fender Electric Guitar Models:

  • Stratocaster
  • Telecaster
  • Jaguar
  • Jazzmaster
  • Lead
  • Duo-Sonic
  • Mustang
  • Other

List of Fender Bass Guitar Models:

  • Precision Bass
  • Jazz Bass
  • Jaguar Bass
  • Mustang Bass

Fender Guitar Price In Detail:

Fender guitar price varies according to the type of guitar and their models. Here I’ll discuss some of Fender’s popular guitar types and their model prices.

Fender Acoustic Guitar Price:

If you are a beginner guitar player and want a beginner-level guitar from Fender, you can go for FA-15N ¾ Nylon string acoustic guitar. You can buy it for only $150 now. If you have a higher budget, like $300-$500, you can go for Redondo Player. It’s a dreadnought acoustic guitar. It will cost you $449.99, and this guitar is made from mahogany wood (back and the side part). The guitar is available in six colors.

fender acoustic guitar

Fender Electric Guitar Price:

Fender electric guitars are some of the most popular musical instruments in the world. The company has been producing guitars since 1946 and has sold millions. Fender makes acoustic and electric guitars, basses, and amplifiers.

Fender Telecaster Guitar Price:

This model, the Telecaster, was first introduced in 1951 and has become one of the most renowned guitars in history. These guitars have period-accurate bodies, necks, and hardware. You can buy American Vintage II 1951 Telecaster only for $2249.99.

Fender Jaguar Guitar Price:

fender electric guitar

Fender Jazzmaster Guitar Price:

The Fender Jazzmaster is one of the unique electric guitars on the market, and it features a fantastic offset body and floating tremolo bridge. It’s available in various colors and different price ranges. If you want to buy the cheapest one, it will cost $879.99. The highest price you can pay to get the American Original ’60s Jazzmaster is only $2149.99.

What is the cheapest Fender Stratocaster electric guitar?

The Player Stratocaster, which is the cheapest Fender Stratocaster electric guitar you can buy, has a price of $849.99.

fender acoustasonic guitar

Fender Bass Guitar Price:

The Fender bass guitar was introduced in 1980. It was also known as Fender Precision Bass Special guitar. The intention was to offer a more affordable option for musicians who wanted to add the rich sound of a Fender bass to their band. It has several unique features set it apart from its more expensive counterpart. Most parts were borrowed from the Fender’s Telecaster guitar, like the headstock shape, neck plate, truss rod nut, potentiometers, two domed chrome control knobs, output jack ferrule, and strap buttons.

The current price for a new American Original ’70s Jazz Bass is $2,299.99; Player Precision Bass is $849.99.

fender electric bass guitar

Fender Mustang Bass Guitar Price:

The Mustang bass is an economical guitar from Fender. It has the same body as the Fender MusicMaster, Bronco, and DuoSonic guitars. It features split-coil pickup with a plastic covering. The Mustang bass was introduced in 1966. It’s most famous for being played by Kurt Cobain.

The cheapest model, the Player, is $849.99, while the most expensive model, the American Performer, costs $1499.99. The JMJ Road Worn comes between them for $1299.99, and the Vintera is available only for $1149.99.

Overall, the Fender guitars are fantastic guitars and so much popular around the world. You can purchase Fender guitars from $180 to $2500 according to your model and type choice. 

If you are a newbie guitar player, you can start with acoustic guitars; if you like rock music or jazz genre, you can start with electric or electric Jazzmaster guitars. I hope this blog helped you make your budget to purchase the Fender brand. You can share your thoughts here. I’ll be glad to hear from you soon. Thank you!


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