Firefly FF338 Electric Guitar Reviews

Firefly FF338 Semi Hollowbody Guitar – Unlimited Review and Buying Guide

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Review on Firefly FF338 Semi Hollowbody Guitar

Well, even though the prices are really low on this one, you can’t really tell it by the looks. It looks just like any other classy guitar. You might actually be doubtful about the guitar’s quality when you take a look at the price. But don’t worry because it has features and qualities that are enough to satisfy you musically. The semi-acoustic guitar has a voice, so we are suggesting every player should have a holly body guitar. We have a number of the electric guitar on this service list that you can check out Zager Guitar Reviews – EZ-Play ZAD20 Full Reviews for Beginners and Acoustic Vs. Electric Guitar: Which The Best One Should Be Your Preference as a Beginner?

Features of Firefly FF338 Semi-Hollow Body Electric Guitar

  • Double cutaway body with F-holes.
  • Semi-acoustic.
  • Firefly guitar full-scale electric guitar with nickel and a bone nut.
  • Chrome hardware.
  • Adjustable bridge
  • 2 x Volume and 2 x Tone, 2x chrome humbucker pickup.
  • Abalone rosette.
  • Designed & Backed: JSN
  • Markers: Pearl dot fret
  • Weight: 11.33 pounds
  • Dimension: 44.5 x 22.5 x 5.1 inches
  • First available: 27 September 2018 available in the market
  • Body material: Top-Maple wood, Fretboard-Wood, and Back-Maple wood
  • String: 06
  • Bridge System: Tune-O-Matic
  • Customer reviews: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Firefly FF338 Semi Hollow Body Electric Guitar Reviews

Build and design

In terms of build, this one is quite impressive. The guitar has a semi-hollow body, which gives this one a pretty lightweight. Carrying this isn’t much trouble at all. The material used in the body is maple, which is a decent choice for guitars. The back is also made of maple wood. In fact, the whole guitar comes with a maple wood finish. So, you won’t need to worry about breaking it or damaging it anytime soon.

The design is of a semi-acoustic guitar with a double-cutaway body. There are f shaped sound holes on the body, which gives this one a premium look. The neck is a set-in neck, and there are bold fret markers on the fret.

The Firefly FF338 Semi Hollowbody Guitar comes with two humbucker pickups. This gives you the rock and powerful feel, and obviously, they are better than single-coil pickups. There are 2 volume knobs and two-tone knobs on the guitar as well.

The Firefly ff338 body has a glossy finish, which makes this one look even better. It comes in various colors. Among all of them, the gold sparkle is a pretty catchy one. This is a unique color that you wouldn’t usually get to see in other guitars. Also, the headstock of the guitar is quite impressive. It has got that elegant vibe going on in this one.

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The FFirefly FF338 Semi Hollowbody Guitar are mostly known for their affordability and their excellent playability. Playability is a factor that influences guitarists to play the guitars as much as they can. It pulls the guitarists to play the guitar more and more. The more you play, the better you get. With this TheFirefly FF338 Semi Hollowbody Guitar, you will see yourself going back to this one again and again.

Well, it does take some time to loosen up. You will need to put in some time with this to feel more comfortable playing it. In the beginning, the frets will feel a bit rough on the fingers, but with the time, you can smoothen it out. The best Firefly FF338 Semi-Hollow Body Electric Guitar Reviews. All the frets are of the same level, so you won’t find any kind of dead fret situation on this one. One tip from our side is to use a conditioner on the fretboard to keep it moist every now and then.

Tones and sounds

Among all the Firefly ff338 guitar models, this one has got some great tones. This one has got a double humbucker setup and a hollow body, which should give you a darker sound. Well, it does fulfill its purpose of producing a dark sound. With the basic setup of this one, you will get everything you desire from a budget guitar or maybe even more.

You can always upgrade your guitar hardware, but you don’t need to do this here. Because the stock hardware will give you just the sounds you want. But then again, this is about personal preference. With its general settings and hardware, you will get a nice bass and mellow sound.

Overall the guitar sounds way better than its supposed. And with the price tag of this one, you can’t really find a better sounding guitar than this. The tones are crisp, and the fretboards assist you in making clear sounds too.

Firefly Electric Guitar Reviews


The key factor in looking at this guitar is the price. Till now, we have already said so much about it. Let’s just say this is the best guitar you can get within $150. No matter how you take a look at it or how much you research, you can’t simply find a better choice than this one. The price just takes away the competition completely.

Whether it is about the looks, build quality or sound quality, this is a winner in every aspect when you take in the price. Because to get a guitar of this caliber, you would usually have to spend at least $160-$250. But you are getting this one just for $179, and it’s worth every penny of that. Also, don’t forget to check my electric guitar guide article review Ashthorpe Acoustic-Electric Guitar – One of the Best Electric Guitars New Edition 2021


Well its quite obvious that this guitar will have some drawbacks to it. This one has its downsides that are actually notable. First of all, the tuners on the guitar aren’t quite up to the mark. Whenever you are tuning, you will have to be careful because they tend to change the pitches quite slow. Also, when the pitch changes, it goes back half a step every time. So, you will need to change the tuners on the guitars right away.

Another thing you can actually nitpick is the intonation. The intonation feels a bit off, and the action also feels a bit high. But obviously, you can fix that using the truss rod. Also, the truss rod is a bit tight without any relief on the neck at all. Also, you can visit and to read the complete Fiskars Staysharp Max Reel Mower Review and Buying Guide in 2022.

But as you can see, Firefly FF338 Semi Hollowbody Guitar these aren’t any permanent problems. You can get rid of these issues right away. There is nothing seriously wrong about the guitar to worry for.