Digital Piano Vs Keyboard Which One is better

Digital Piano Vs Keyboard : Which One is better? [2022 Edition]

If you play the piano, you must’ve seen various types of pianos on the market. The most popular among them are the digital piano and the keyboard. They are almost similar. Today you are going to read complete our Digital Piano Vs Keyboard : Which One is better for Beginners?

If you’re a beginner, you should know what type of piano would suit you best. So, this question – which piano should you buy? – should be running through your head frequently. Since the digital piano and keyboard are the most popular ones among beginners, so you must be confused about which one would suit you the best!

So, which one to choose? Digital piano or a keyboard? There are advantages and disadvantages to both types. In this article, I’m going to show you the total digital piano vs. keyboard comparison, and then you can choose the one which is more appropriate for you!


Digital Piano

Digital Pianos are pianos that have different kinds of electronic features in them. For example, voices, recording options, editing options, and other varieties of options, and so on. In most digital pianos, there are 88 keys in total. You’ll find digital pianos with more or fewer keys. But 88-keys digital piano is the standard for any type of piano.

Digital Piano Vs Keyboard


Keyboards are an imitation of the piano. It consists of a synthesizer build in it. You can get various types of digitally edited sound from this type of instrument. Though it looks the same as a normal piano and plays in the same manner, they are way different when it comes to sound and functions.

Their automized function can be very convenient for beginners to learn basic piano tunes and practice on them. So, I’d understand if you’d want to choose it as a beginner.

Is There Any Difference Between Piano and Keyboard?

Firstly, you need to understand what I’m exactly talking about.  Let me tell you, it’s not at all too similar to the violin or any other instruments, the piano is actually a stringed instrument, played with fingers.

When you tap the keys, small wooden hammers strike the strings, and the notes make noises from the piano. This resonance creates a rich sound for which pianos are famous. This is the reason for pianos being so large. The space inside the instrument makes a richer sound, that’s why there is a big tonal difference even between different kinds of pianos.

And now talking about the keyboard, it’s actually a misnomer. The keyboard basically refers to a row of keys on the piano. Now, I’ll show you the differences in various aspects that a piano and a keyboard have.

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Touch and Feel.

The biggest difference between the keyboard and piano is the keys mainly. The digital piano is heavy because of carrying the weight of the hammers. Even though it’s a digital piano, playing it might give you more of an organic feeling, as it has the rawness of the music. This is best for you if you’re looking for something that feels authentic!

On the other hand, keyboards are upgrading day by day. You’ll find different keyboard build up with touch sensitivity on the market. Even though they’re automated, they still can’t match up with the abilities a piano has. Many models simply not dynamic enough to match up the range of a piano.

Piano keys are also heavier than the keyboard keys. So, this is a plus point for a beginner, especially a young child learner who hasn’t built up enough finger strength yet to play such a heavy thing. You’d want to take note of that if you’re a beginner.

Durability and Maintenance

The durability and maintenance of a digital piano and a keyboard are totally different from one another. The way you should maintain a piano is not necessarily the way you should maintain a keyboard with. However, maintaining a keyboard is easier than that of a piano because of its small structure.

I don’t know if you heard it or not, even though maintaining a keyboard is easy, the durability of a digital piano is higher. If you can properly maintain them, then they can last hundreds of years. All they need is just a little attention, okay? Make sure you don’t let it stay without any sort of maintenance.

In the case of pianos, maintenance is not at all negligible here. You must keep them away from the damp and wet environment. Moreover, you need to get the strings repaired before they get rusted. You can also try playing occasionally. It keeps the keys and strings running.

This way they last long but obviously not all of them will last surely 100’s of years. They sure have an expiration one day!

When it comes to durability, digital keyboards are not like digital pianos which can last for decades or centuries. Moreover, cheap ones can have chances to malfunction within a few years, middle-range ones or expensive models may last few decades and play just fine.

A full-sized digital piano needs significantly more maintenance than a keyboard. These keyboards need much less maintenance. It is very simple to clean, dry, keeping in right place not overloading an electric outlet.

Functionality and Weight

Without a second doubt, you know that digital pianos are very heavy but lighter than classic and traditional pianos though. Even the smallest uprights weigh around 400-500 lbs. while big ones can weigh more than 1200 lbs. For comparison, you can say that it weights equal to a polar bear, which is a huge deal!

As you can already tell, digital pianos are normally very big, but not big enough that you can’t move them from one place to another. However, it’s going to be hard if you’re going to move them using stairs.

It reminds me of a relatable story that you might’ve watched in the Tom & Jerry show. In an episode, there was this piano that they tried to lift a piano in through a window. You saw what happened next, right? Funny, but true!

Keyboards, on the other hand, are made using materials that are lightweight enough to be carried by a person. So, you wouldn’t need any help while carrying it yourself! The set is also pretty simple to port here and there and arrange.

In terms of functionality, the keyboard beats the piano in terms of flexibility.


Digital Pianos make a single string sound with each key. They surely make it in a dynamic range of notes, but it’s still one only single sound per key. So, when you need to play different tunes, you’ll need to move your fingers across the keys to produce the music notes that you need.

But keyboards, on the other hand, can alter the sounds and change to fit all manners of musical need. They are great for indoor-home studios. This is because generally, studios demand unique sounds and the ability to merge directly into mixing software. And keyboards are a perfect instrument for that.

Both of the instruments, the digital piano, and the keyboard produce a different and unique sound. They’re not similar in that terms at all! So, you might also want to check on this setting before buying one.

Digital Piano vs Keyboards: Price comparison

As they are both different instruments, they obviously have a different price range. Digital pianos start from low hundreds up to the price of an expensive car. They are more of an investment not for luxury or bragging only.

If you’re a beginner, you can still afford the standard ones. There are digital pianos suitable only for beginners. However, the more price the digital piano has, the more function and rich sound it has.

Digital keyboards start at very reasonable prices, less than ten thousand, though higher-end ones can cost as much as small upright pianos. Before buying something that needs a big investment you should think thoroughly about it. Because you’re going to have to spend some on maintenance.

If I mention the keyboard, it’s not as expensive as a piano. In comparison to the digital pianos, they’re very cheap. So, a lot of beginners prefer to practice with them rather than buying an actual digital piano.

So, what to get a Keyboard or Piano?

Before buying any of them, you should look for some final factors that would change your decision into choosing the most appropriate instrument for you. Some factors are –

Choice and comfort:

You should check if you’re feeling comfortable while playing the instrument. Check whether the digital piano makes you feel more comfortable, or the keyboard does.


 Not everyone can afford every type of digital piano or keyboard. Buy what suits you the most in terms of budget. Buying the most expensive digital piano or keyboard doesn’t necessarily ensure that you got the best one!

Available Space:

Digital piano and keyboard, both require different space settings where you’re going to place them. If you have problems with spacing, I’d suggest you go for the keyboard rather than the digital piano.

Intended Use:

For different purposes, the type of instrument varies. Both the digital piano and the keyboard is appropriate for different purposes. Think about your experience level, what type of training you need, what type of music pieces you’ll play, and what facilities you want from the instrument. After you’ve decided all these, buy the one that fits your choices best!

Digital pianos are good for general purposes and the keyboards are a good backup for your indoor studio and professional music pieces. So, thinking and preplanning all these before buying would actually make your piano or keyboard playing experience a lot better!

Final Words

So lastly to conclude we must not be whimsical before buying any of them and find out which one you’re going to enjoy the most. Anything you choose all depends on your personal choice, final goal, comfort, the reason why you are learning, and affordability.

And, well, you know what there are no hard rules which are better, and which are also no such rules for beginners to choose a specific instrument. From my very own experience, you should only buy the instrument you’re comfortable with it can be keyboard or piano doesn’t matter.

Finally, if you’re stuck with which one to choose between the keyboard and the digital piano, this comparison on digital piano vs keyboard must’ve helped!