Casio Privia PX-770 Digital Home Piano

Casio Privia PX-770 Digital Home Piano – Unlimited Reviews and Buying Guide

Here in this article, I’m going to give you a full detailed review of this 88-key digital piano so that you can decide for yourself whether I’m right or not!


The Casio Privia PX-770, as I said before, is another successor of cabinet styled Casio Privia models. the Casio Privia PX-770 Digital Piano Reviews You can think of this digital piano as a standard that suits piano players of all experience levels. The quality of this piano is undoubted considering that Casio never failed to give us amazing piano models.

Features of Casio Privia PX-770 Digital Piano

Considering this digital piano’s price being very affordable with very high-quality materials used in it, it sure will entertain you with a lot of significant features. Now, let us go through all of its features in details –


The Casio Privia PX-770 is designed to be sleek in comparison to its previous versions. So, it has fewer designs and seams. You can see it being functionally active because of its triple pedal unit and an integrated stand.

It is designed with wood that gives an elegant look. Moreover, it has 3 pedals for support. Another convenient fact is that the manufacturers created sliding cover over it for protecting it from external pollutants.


The mechanical movement of every key in this piano is very smooth considering that it is made with real hammers. This key system enables them to be of similar weight to a normal acoustic piano. The weight distribution is done equally across the piano making the keys lightweight as you go up the piano keyboard.

Let’s Watch a Video Review!


Voices in instrumental field denote the tone of every individual musical instrument. Digital pianos like Casio PX-770 have some built-in feature of producing the sound of more than one instrument.

In Casio Privia PX-770 digital piano, there are a total of 19 variations on voices present. These include 5 different types of piano, 4 electric piano variety, 4 organ voices, harpsichord, lower base, vibraphone, and two string type instrument voices.


The sound effects of this piano are backed up by AiR Sound Source. This features greater memory capacity. For this reason, this digital piano gives better quality music notes and harmonious sound.

Moreover, there are 4 different types of reverb effects. So, you can produce music with much more variety.

Lastly, Casio compresses the sound data with the help of lossless audio technology. It will help you produce the authentic piano sound.


Polyphony of instruments is the ability to mix different kinds of tones in a single rhythm. The more this value is, the better and more versatile it sounds. Casio Privia PX-770 has a maximum of 128 notes of this polyphony. This is enough for even for most experienced musicians.

However, you cannot record more than two tracks for each song. So, you will not get much scope to use all those polyphonies.


There are two different modes you can play the Casio Privia PX-770 with. They are Dual mode and Duet Mode. Both of these modes split the piano area into half.

In Dual Mode, the piano is divided into tunes of two instrument voices. That is, half of the piano voice one instrument and the other voice another instrument. For example, if you want to play a stringed instrument with the piano, then using this feature will make the piano part half and the other half will express the stringed instrument.

On the other hand, in case of Duet mode, the piano will be divided into two identical voice parts. It will split the piano into two portions of identical octave tune. So, with this feature, you and your friend can practice with only one piano.

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Connection Port and Cables

The Casio Privia PX-770 can be connected with other devices with the help of some set of standard connections. There are two ¼ inches stereo jack which you can use to connect two headphones at the same time.

In the case of connecting to a computer, the piano uses a USB B-type port. However, it is not enough for smooth connection. So, you might need to buy an A-to-B USB port for a successful connection. Then you can use the MIDI recorder from the computer.

Chordana App by Casio Privia PX-770 Digital Piano

You can also connect your digital piano with the phone with help of Casio Chordana Play App. It contains all the recorded tracks, sound profiles and other sound settings. That means you can change everything on your piano by using this app only. This makes everything a bit more convenient.

Moreover, you can also store and play along with any type of MIDI music track. So, it becomes very easy for you to learn and practice the piano along with this app.

Digital piano Casio PX-770 Privia

Other Accessories

Beside these all features, some additional accessories come with the Casio Privia PX-770 package.

  • X-style bench (adjustable)
  • Headphones
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • User Manual
  • Instructional DVD
  • Warranty


Now that you’ve seen the features of Casio Privia PX-770, let us go over all of its specifications at a glance.

  • Weight: 69.5 lbs.
  • Dimension: 54.53 inches x 11.77 inches x 31.42 inches
  • Keys: 88 full weighted keys
  • Key Material: Ebony and Ivory (top)
  • Key Action: Tri-sensor Scaled Hammer Action II (TSHA)
  • Touch Sensitivity: 3 type
  • Polyphony: 128
  • Sound: AiR Sound (Multi-dimension Morph)
  • Voice: 19 (including 5 different types of pianos)
  • Pre-Recordings: 60 normal tracks, 10 user tracks, 10 concert play songs
  • Recorder: MIDI Recorder (2 tracks)
  • In-built Speakers: 2 x 8W speakers (12 cm)
  • Connectivity: USB, Headphone Jack, Sustain Pedal Jack
  • Temperament: 17
  • Additional Specs: Transpose, Fine-tuning, Metronome, Octave shift

Let’s See Pros and Cons Reviews!

  • The design is compact and is portable.
  • 3 pedals are supplied with this piano.
  • Beautifully designed keys with tri-sensor hammer action.
  • 19 different instrument sounds.
  • A two-track MIDI Recorder is present.
  • There is an additional concert play setting.
  • The price is comparatively cheap and affordable.
  • Premium quality sample references for voices.
  • Advanced digital facilities.
  • You can use the Casio Chordana App with it.
  • The quality of extra accessories supplied with it might not be up to the mark.
  • Options for sound customization are not so much.
  • No options for connecting flash drives.
  • For this piano recording option is limited but try it.

Casio PX-770 Privia

Final Word

Now that you know the full features, specifications, good, and bad points of Casio Privia PX-770, you decide whether it is worth it or not. If I’m to give my opinion, I think it is a must-buy for anyone who wants to have a go at a piano. However, if you’re looking for something with many more versatile features, then you might be disappointed. The Casio Privia PX-770 Digital Piano is considered the best product in the piano market. Even though it lacks enough features, it is enough for most people who are into pianos.

Happy Playing!

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