10 Best Piano Learning Apps for Android and iOS

Piano Learning Apps in 2021 – Best Online Piano Apps Download Now

Technology advancement nowadays has created many opportunities for people and making everything easier. Today you are going to read our complete the 10 best online piano learning apps best piano APPS you need to download right now in 2021 [Android & iOS]. Everything is becoming digital and available online. Piano enthusiasts like you can also get benefitted from this case.

Many developers created several apps to help people like you in learning or improving your piano skills. However, those apps won’t be on the same level as getting a direct one-to-one lesson.

So, are you looking for similar kinds of apps to help you with your piano skills? Then you’ve come to the right place. Follow this article till the last as I enlist the top 10 best piano learning apps which you can use to learn piano easily at home. read our complete The 10 best piano learning Apps for Android and iOS

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Top 10 Best Apps for Learning Piano

Piano Learning Apps #1 Piano Marvel

Piano Marvel is the app where you can divide the complex process of learning piano into adaptable segments so that you can learn playing the piano easily and quickly. You can learn to play the piano either from the application itself or from the Marvel website.

Piano Marvel

Piano Marvel tracks your progress through MIDI controllers. When you plug that in and configure your app according to your level, then you can start your lesson for learning to play the piano. Moreover, according to your performance, you can get different kinds of trophies.

Piano Marvel features SASR, Standard Assessment of Sight Reading. This function will let you score points and track your progress on an on-screen sight reading sheet music. You can compare your score stored in that with the other people on the leaderboard.

Piano Learning Apps #2 Flowkey: Learn Piano

Flowkey was developed with the collaboration of Yamaha. The developers made Flowkey be on par with any type of piano including MIDI keyboard and acoustic piano. It gives visual feedback, which means you can track your progress visually or in either method.

The main concept of Flowkey is so you can learn and play any of your favorite songs on piano through a selection of lessons. When you’re setting up the app, you can select your skill level and hone it up as you continue using the app.

Flowkey’s interface is user-friendly. So, you can navigate through the app easily and conveniently. You can choose your own pace of progressing, whether you want to learn through basic lessons or skip to learning to play your favorite song directly.

Piano Learning Apps #3 Simply Piano by JoyTunes

Simply Piano by JoyTunes

Simply Piano by JoyTunes has been the best among the piano learning apps in 2015. This app has a unique and fast way to teach you to learn piano. It receives your input from the keyboard touchpad from your phone and gives you instant feedback on your progress. Because of its constant update and developing feature, this app has been getting positive responses from the users as it goes on.

Simply Piano created sections for different types of piano players and customizes itself according to your levels and choices. It can offer you different types of songs and other pieces along with blues, pop chords, and other essential or famous hits. The best thing about this app is that, since it constantly remains up-to-date, there is always something new for you to check.

Piano Learning Apps #4 Yousician – Learn to Play Piano

Yousician was founded in 2010 and it has been the fastest-growing music learning company ever since. To help with the piano self-learners, they’ve developed their own Piano app which now ranks in the top alongside the other best piano learning apps in the app stores. This app in synchronization with your real piano recognizes the notes and chords with the phone microphone.

Top 10 Best Apps for Learning Piano Yousician

Since 2015, they’ve been offering piano lessons. These lessons are divided into three groups, pop, classical, and knowledge. These categories along with your level and preferences, and thus customizes themselves that would be most accurate for you.

The guided lesson feature can help you set up a lesson that is more personalized to hone your skill as a pianist.

Piano Learning Apps #5 Pianu

The original creators of the Pianu app were Matt Curney and Jacob Anderson. Their main intention was to make everyone feel the joy of learning the piano. You can use it on any device you want, starting from the qwerty keyboard to the touchpad of phone or tablet displays. Although you can play it on any playable keyboard, I recommend you for using a MIDI keyboard instead of a better experience and fast learning.

It has a huge song directory that contains every possible song and instrumental pieces you might wish to learn. This app will provide you with enough services after you subscribe to it. You can get a step by step guide for learning to play the piano on this app. However, the services vary on your subscription. A full subscription includes everything you need to not only take a step towards a full-fledged pianist.

Piano Learning Apps #6 Playground Sessions

Playground Sessions

Playground Sessions is named after an American music learning technology company whose founder is Chris Vance. This app has some really unique features in terms of teaching you how to play the piano! You can learn to play the piano with the help of its AI and learning science along with interactive expert videos.

The interactive video lessons follow the teaching style of Rosetta Stone, except that it has interesting gamification techniques and interactive technology. You can get your progress report based on your use of the MIDI keyboard, interactive music sheet software, and video demonstrations.

This app has a music library far more advanced and convenient than that of other popular and best piano learning apps. This is because the developers update their songs regularly so that you won’t have to wait for playing your favorite song on a piano.

Piano Learning Apps #7 Melodics

Top 10 Best Apps for Learning Piano Melodics

Melodics was first developed in 2015 by Sam Gribben of New Zealand. Since it was released, they released over 500 piano lessons. You can learn them easily with a MIDI keyboard as it is most compatible with them.

Its game-like interactive interface can get you hooked with the app really quickly. Its main objective is to help new pianists improve their skills with detailed, music-specific lessons, and direct on-screen feedback. Though its main focus is electronic and digital pianos, that doesn’t mean that you can’t use that app for acoustic pianos. The lessons in this app are divided into 16 different levels ascending from simple ones to much-complicated ones. You have the facility to enjoy 30 days of free trial with 60 free lessons before you’re convinced to buy the main plan.

Piano Learning Apps #8 Perfect Piano

Perfect Piano is the 88 keys piano simulating app. Available both in Google Play and AppStore, this application will guide you through different music pieces and learn it, just as a teaching tool. It will also help you connect with other pianists of any level from anywhere in the world. read our complete The 10 best piano learning Apps for Android and iOS

In this app, you can find different challenges to be completed weekly. You can also compete against other pianists or your friends after creating a guild. You can even share the songs you’re working on.

Perfect Piano supports USB MIDI keyboard. So, when you’re ready to start playing on a real piano, it can help you settle down after the change. We have a number of digital pianos on this service list that you can check out the Digital Piano Yamaha YDP 164: Full Review in 2020 and digital piano Yamaha DGX660 reviews etc

If you have a hard time checking your progress since these kinds of apps need to be opened before checking, rest assured. Because Perfect Piano has a widget facility that can help you track your progress without actually launching the app, from your very home screen!

Piano Learning Apps #9 Piano Everyday

Piano Every Day is a piano learning app developed by Roland. Primarily, the Roland company developed this app to suit Roland LX700. However, you can use this app with other pianos as well. Nevertheless, if you use it with Roland LX700, you can enjoy some special features and will be able to learn others onboard songs.

Piano Every Day comes with a tracking and recording feature. With these, you can track your progress smoothly. The most unique feature of this app is that you can connect it to Sheet Music Direct. And if you’ve been researching well, you’d know Sheet Music Direct is the greatest online music sheets collection. So, you can search for any song whether it is classical, or pop, and see the music scores.

The huge upside of using Piano Every Day is that you can access it for free. However, to use some premium sections, you must make a purchase.

Piano Learning Apps #10 Roland Piano Partner 2

Roland Piano Partner 2 gained positive reviews since its release in 2016. This is mainly because it provides a multi-faceted function that is unique among the other piano learning apps there is.

Initially, you can use this app for free on any android or iOS device. You can enjoy an advanced user interface with this app as you go on. You can not only select the instrumentation of your piano from the device but also can adjust various settings. Overall, you can control your piano with the device just like a remote controller.

Some Frequently Asked Questions Along The Way…

There are some questions I see you asking frequently. I understand since you’re new, you might have some questions. Let’s answer your most commonly asked questions. read our complete The 10 best piano learning Apps for Android and iOS

Questions 1# What is a MIDI Keyboard?

A. MIDI keyboards are the most popular keyboards relevant to piano playing. These are mainly used in studios. If you’re wondering what a MIDI keyboard means, simply saying, it is a piano look-alike. This tool is only used for digital purposes, for example, connection to computers, phones, and other devices. The full form of MIDI is the Musical Instrument Digital Interface. I doubt it will make any sound when tapped actually without any digital devices because it is only designed to input sound notes when connected with a digital interface.

Questions 2# How Expensive are These Piano Learning Apps?

A. It actually depends on the app you’re using. Some of these apps that give you much more facility, flexibility, and versatile lessons are comparatively more expensive than the others. However, there are also some apps in the list that you can use the free versions, but that is not recommended. Because it’ll not help you much in the long run. As for the price range, though there are several categories, even then the price does not exceed the $8 ~ $20 range.

Questions 3# How Frequently Do I Have to Use Piano Learning Apps?

A. Piano learning apps helps a great deal in learning piano. Though learning piano directly from an instructor is more effective, but you know that your piano teacher won’t be around forever to watch your every tiny problem and progress 24/7. At that time of crisis, you can use these apps. The more frequent you’ll use these apps, the more you will improve in your piano playing. The rest is your decision because these apps are flexible, unlike direct lessons.

Questions 4# Can I Use These Apps in Other Platforms, Except Android or iOS?

A. By other platforms, if you mean laptops, PCs, mobile phones, tablets, then yes, you can use these apps on other platforms. Though this facility is not common to all. Some of them only support mobile phones. There are conditions if you ought to install this software on your PC. Those other platforms will need to have a proper functioning microphone. So, you can’t really connect your piano with this software on PC unless you have a microphone. However, if you have that problem solved, then there is nothing between you and that piano and these apps.

Final Words

When you start learning to play the pianos and don’t know how and where to go to get the perfect lessons for yourself, at that time learning through online apps is a great option. Today read our complete The 10 best piano learning Apps for Android and iOS. Though it can never be as good as being directly instructed by piano teachers, it’s a start.

However, to get the best results, I think you should take lessons from both direct instructors and a mobile app to guide you when your instructor is not nearby. With that thought, you can use one or multiple applications from these enlisted best piano learning apps.

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