The Best Piano Brands in The World

What is The Best Piano Brands in World – A Complete Buying Tips For Newbies

Let’s face it! Choosing the best quality piano on the market is not easy if you have never purchased one before. Are you one of the millions who can’t decide which piano to buy? Today I’m going to help yours make a decision. today we are talking to the What is The Best Piano Brands in the World – A Complete Buyer’s Guide on 2021 (Performance & And Buying Tips).

Pianos are the most popular acoustic stringed instrument. The piano came into the picture in the 18th century in the art-loving country, Italy. Back then, the pianos were grand and huge. Looked great in the houses and sounded good too.

Best Piano Brands! Those were the classic pianos. The pianos designed nowadays have a more modern design. They are the digital pianos you see frequently in music shops and others. However, nowadays, there are far more companies manufacturing pianos. Some are better and some are comparatively of lesser quality. If you’re worried about choosing the best piano brands in the world-A Buyer’s Guide, then don’t be tensed about it! In this article, I’ll give you a list of the best piano brands in the world-A Buyer’s Guide.

The bestselling piano brands always get the best reviews in whatever model they publish. So, brands having more positive reviews, manufacture better quality pianos. Now the question is, how do you know what is the best piano brand? And even if anyone recommends that for you, how would you compare the other models? How would you choose which one is the most suitable for you?

Questions! Lots of questions with very little answer. Eager to find out the answer to all those questions? Then this is your lucky moment. This article will answer all these questions you have. So, read till the last if you want to get all the answers.

The Best Piano Brands in the World

Before I get into brand details and what makes them the best, I’ll list the names of the best piano brands, in my eyes, at first. These quick suggestions are for those who don’t have enough time for reading and are here just for the recommendation.

List of best piano brands:

1. Yamaha
2. Casio
3. Kawai
4. Dexibell
5. Roland
6. Nord
7. Alesis
8. Korg
9. Williams

And so on…

If you ask me for my personal opinion, I’d say the best piano brand in my eyes is Yamaha. So, now that we’re done enlisting the best brands, I’ll explain why they are the best in manufacturing pianos.

Why Are They the Best?

Best Piano Brands! Every one of these brands is unique in their own way. If you’re a beginner in playing the piano, you may think, like all other instruments, the piano is judged based on the sound it produces. Though the sound is a very important factor, you need to consider other factors too. These minute details create differences in their quality. We have a number of digital pianos on this service list that you can check out the Digital Piano Yamaha DGX660 Reviews and Alesis Coda Pro 88 Key Digital Piano Reviews etc

1. Yamaha

The Best Piano Brands in the World – A Buyer’s Guide

Best Piano Brands! Yamaha is a Japanese company that started its franchise in 1887. They have piano factories in three other countries in Asia.

They are the oldest company to create musical instruments. Since the late 1880s, they’ve been thriving as one of the best music instrument manufacturing companies.

The reason behind Yamaha’s success in this field is related to its basics in acoustic pianos. Their manufactured pianos can be used anywhere, starting from schools to concert halls. They pay close attention to the structure and mechanism of an authentic piano. For this reason, the pianos they manufacture are so popular.

The graded hammer action they provide varies by each model or series. Yamaha ensures that their pianos are comfortable. For this reason, they put a lot of effort into smoothening the pianos’ touch.

Yamaha has piano options for all price ranges. So, anyone who wants to buy a piano can afford a Yamaha. As a result, Yamaha held about 32.6% market share in the year 2016.

A popular example of it can be the PSR-E range pianos. These are popular among kids and entry-level pianists. It is available on the market for just under $200. On the other hand, there’s this Clavinova range, made for professionals. It is pretty expensive as it price ranges over $15,000.  

Yamaha is the best piano brand not only because of their affordability, versatility, and functionality, they have this amazing background music feature and are suitable for studios. In addition to that, they are reliable and durable.

Every Yamaha piano comes with a minimum 3-year warranty to a maximum of 5 years. They also have this hybrid piano styles, that is, pianos with both acoustic and digital piano features.

Also, don’t forget to check my piano buying guide and piano apps article The 10 Best Piano Learning Apps for Android and iOS

2. Casio

The Best Piano Brands in the World

Best Piano Brands! Casio is another major Japanese multinational company that manufactures flawless pianos. They started their journey in the mid-1940s and are well known for all kinds of digital products. Over the last 15-20 years, there’ve become popular as a renowned piano brand throughout the world.

Unlike Yamaha, they focus their pianos to be more lightweight, compact, and portable while being affordable at the same time. They are more popular because of their budget-friendly nature.

Though they cost less than other popular models, they don’t lack any features. Their AiR Grand Sound Source along with multi-speaker acoustic sound simulation in the Celviano series can be compared with Yamaha’s Clavinova ranges. The fun fact is this Casio series’ price is less by more than a thousand dollars.

Their hybrid key action resembles a grand acoustic piano. They actually make their piano keys out of wood. And what’s more impressive is their onboard speaker qualities.

Best Piano Brands! However, there’re lesser models of Casio pianos that might interest a professional. They generally make pianos for newbies and youngsters. For this reason, the features and sound are all user-friendly. We have a number of digital pianos on this service list that you can check out the Digital piano Yamaha DGX660 Reviews and buying guide Yamaha P71 Digital Piano Review – A Completed Buying Guide etc.

Casio will offer the durability of 12 months to 5 years of warranty depending on the model you’re using.

3. Kawai

The Best Piano Brands kawai

Best Piano Brands! If you want to go on a bit more mainstream as an intermediate or expert piano player, then look for Kawai pianos. They are “filtered” to be more delicate and exclusive for professionals.

Kawai started their journey in 1927. Like Yamaha and Casio, it’s also a Japanese brand. They are not as popular as the other brands but they are unique.

Kawai uses expensive materials to ensure the quality of their products. So, their pianos are very expensive. A mid-ranged Kawai piano costs up-to $3000, something a typical novice wouldn’t be able to afford. For this reason, they design their pianos to fulfill the demands of a professional.

Best Piano Brands! Their main focus areas are the touch and sound of their pianos. Moreover, the RHIII action with a triple sensor key is another one of the specialties. They will provide you with realistic sounds unlike others they’re much more focused on making their piano, either acoustic or digital and no other mixed types.

4. Dexibell

best piano band Dexibell

Best Piano Brands! This brand is comparatively new in the business. Dexibell is an Italian brand and they came into the business in 2015. With only five years into the business, they’ve become one of the best piano brands there is.

The secret behind Dexibell’s success is their use of the CORTEX Quadcore processor. You might have heard this name being popular on PCs and laptops. This processor refines the produced sound further. As a result, you get an excellent composition of music.

In addition to that, this processor allows you to customize the music according to your needs.

5. Roland

best piano band Roland logo

Best Piano Brands! Roland is another one of Japanese piano band. It was founded in 1972. They are famous for their keyboards all around the world.

Their pianos are very high quality concentrating mainly on Digital pianos.

Roland pianos are very versatile and there are options available for any kind of stage. Moreover, they are popular for their pianos are very durable and long-lasting. To prove their durability, Roland will give you 10 years of warranty.

best piano band Roland

The key centers of Roland pianos are made of wood with PH4PHA-4 outer coating. Moreover, their pedal system features reprogramming the pedals to other different functions.  

Similar to Kawai, Roland is also an expensive brand but not as much.

6. Nord

best piano band Nord

Best Piano Brands! Nord the Swedish company started in the 1980s. It is totally the opposite of Casio. Though their products are nice it has the smallest product range on this list.

Nord only focuses on synthesizers and stage pianos. That’s why you might not have heard about it much.

Their unique red finish distinguishes them from other pianos. You’ll get graded hammer action in almost all of their piano keys.

Nord is known for its top-ranked quality controlled. So, rest assured you’ll get the best product here.

Similar to these brands, there are other famous brands like Korg, Alesis, or Williams. They will also provide you with a better piano playing experience whether it be acoustic or digital. 

Things to Look for in a Digital Piano

If you’re considering what you should look for in a piano, acoustic or digital, then determine what you need first.

Firstly, there is music. Apart from normal music, digital pianos have so many options than an acoustic piano. They have speakers attached with the piano and there are varieties of functions such as polyphony, voices, and so on.

Secondly, there is the keyboard. Check whatever piano you’re buying feels comfortable or not. There is also keyboard action that you need to keep in consideration. The pianos with graded hammer action will give you more comfort than others.

Best Piano Brands! You need to check for other functions that you might need while practicing. If you’re practicing for a studio or recording, check if there’s any recording option. Moreover, if you want to further hone your skills and you need to practice classics, check for the song playback system and recorded pieces. In addition to that, there are sensors, paddling systems, and so on. You can select your piano based on what your needs are.

Last but not the least, pricing. It is a bigger concern for those with a budget. You must expect a comparatively better piano within your limit. So, you better select your piano that best suit you within your budget.

Final Verdict

Best Piano Brands! There are more piano brands with many competitions. So it is obvious for you to feel conflicted among those and any to know more about the best piano brands in the world-A Buyer’s Guide.

Your question regarding what piano brands to look for and why they’re so popular, I’ve given you reasons for them all. Moreover, I’ve also briefly explained what to look for when buying a piano. So, now you know more about the best piano brands in the world-A Buyer’s Guide, I believe you’ll be able to judge the pianos yourself now. See, it’s not too hard to select the best piano for yourself.

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