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Top 16 Best Baby Grand Pianos to Choose in 2022

Let’s face it! Well, a baby grand piano is a great piano type to have in possession if you’re into that line of work. On top of that, you can make yourself, or any other member of your family practice if they have an interest in learning to play the piano.

Moreover, to have a baby grand piano in the house is a very big thing! Like, it shows how cultured you are! Isn’t that a great way to prove that you’re a person of culture?

But, you know, there’s an issue about its price because most baby grand pianos are really very expensive. Some of you even might want to consider buying the cheaper ones regardless of their quality. Let me tell you something, this is not a very wise decision!

However, it’s not like that to buy the best baby grand piano you need to put in more money into it. All you need to do is select the most appropriate one for you because the prices of the best baby grand pianos can be very diverse just like its models. So, don’t get depressed just because you saw the price of Steinway’s baby grand piano and judged that you wouldn’t be able to afford it.

Choosing the Best Baby Grand Piano

To choose the best baby grand piano, you might want to prefer going to the musical instrument stores with more experienced shoppers. However, they might be more inclined to choose a specific brand considering what you might want from your optimum baby grand piano. For example, people can be more favored towards the brands they’ve always used or a family practice whatsoever.

Despite all of that, some people go beyond thinking about the price and the brand name to actually think about the service a grand piano would give them. If you’re among those types of people, you’ve come to the exact right place!

Because everyone is different, everyone will have different preferences when choosing the best baby grand piano for themselves. For this reason, I wanted to give you some insights into the best baby grand pianos I came across. They have been categorized accordingly. I will enlist all the baby grand pianos I think has the potential to be your favorite one in no time! How does that sound?

Sounds good? Then let’s proceed with the article we have here with the list of 16 best baby grand pianos to choose for yourself or anyone else in your family while being up to date with the recent feature additions.

List of Top 16 Best Baby Grand Pianos Reviews

In this list of the best baby grand pianos, you’ll find both vintage and the newest and latest baby grand pianos on the market. So, here are the ones you might want to check before you make a decision!

Bosendorfer Model-155

Bosendorfer Piano


Bosendorfer is a Vietnamese piano manufacturer company. Vietnamese piano companies are the oldest in comparison to other piano manufacturing companies. So, because of their experience in making pianos, many of the best piano makers revere their pianos as one of the best.

Tapping into the history of Bosendorfer a bit, in 1828, a guy named Ignaz Bosendorfer first founded this company. However, it started being famous the Franz Liszt bought his concert grand piano. Franz Liszt was a hardcore piano player. So, he sort of damaged each and every piano he played before trying out the Bosendorfer piano. After that, these pianos started to get very famous for their precision and durability.

Over the years, the Bosendorfer piano updated its models with better and more beneficiary facilities with each and every model they released. The Bosendorfer Moder-155 baby grand piano was no different from it.

The size of this piano is 5 feet 1 inch, which is pretty small in comparison to other Bosendorfer Pianos. Despite being so small, it has the keyboard equivalent of a 5 feet and 8 inches piano. So, its touch is pretty nice and comfortable despite how it looks or its size.

Normally, the grand piano is a better version of baby grands. But Bosendorfer Model-155 baby grand piano will give you exactly the way a grand piano is. And it has the same key characteristics as Grand 170 is with a lesser price than that.

Sounds amazing, right? And a more interesting fact is that its price is ranged around 118K dollars!!!!

Schoenhut Concert Grand Piano

Schoenhut Baby Grand Piano


Okay so next comes in line is the Schoenhut Concert Grand Piano. This company focuses on the beauty of exquisite pianos and manufactures different kinds of grandeur piano. The Schoenhut concert grand piano is versatile in every way. Some of the main features are described for you below.

The dimension of this piano is 24 inches X 27 inches X 21 inches. It weighs 32 pounds. Moreover, it has a hinged top. When the hinge is open, you’ll see that the sound of the piano is very lovely and chime-like. Moreover, the lid it has on this baby grand piano rises and gets low slowly and gradually. So, it doesn’t really slam down on your little fingers.

There are three full octaves on the piano. So, it will give you a good groundwork to work with when you switch to a full-sized 88-key piano.

This concert grand piano is super popular with people who are professionals in toy piano music. Do you know what’s another highlight of this piano? It comes with Schoenhut’s Learning System and a bench!

Kawai Baby Grand Piano 1141

KAWAI grand piano-black


Now, it’s time for one of the most popular piano companies to show what kind of baby grand piano they have for you. This is one of the smallest pianos Kawai offers. Well, that’s obvious considering how it’s made for babies and toddlers.

You’ll see that this piano has only 32 keys. But that doesn’t mean it sounds any less authentic than an actual piano. Keys in here are of ranges F5 to C8. The manufacturers made its body with wood with a keyboard. Even though the piano is toy-ish, it still got sound produced by aluminum pipe. And let me tell you, aluminum pipes produce sounds exactly like the OG pianos.

The Kawai Baby Grand Piano 1141 is very light, weighing about 6.6 pounds. So, it’s perfect for your child to play with it since its build and weight suits children and toddlers perfectly.

Korg Micro Piano 61 – Key Miniature Grand Piano

Korg microPiano 61 - Key Minature Grand Piano, Black


Okay, so here we go again! This time, I have come in front of you with this Korg Micro Piano 61 – the Key miniature grand piano. This digital piano looks exactly like a grand piano. Not only that, but it also has the same kind of stereo samples of music just like Korg’s flagship digital piano. They generate full-bodied tones including their dept and character.

If I talk about its weight and dimensions, this piano would weigh about 5.2 Kgs with length, width, or height 34.4 inches X 8.5 inches X 16 inches. Moreover, it has an evocative and sophisticated appearance that looks similar to a grand piano, just smaller in size. The highlight of this baby grand piano that makes it the best baby grand piano is that you can even open the lid just like a grand piano!

The Korg Micro piano 61 has a natural touch mini keyboard. And boy, is it compact or responsive! When you’ll play, I can make sure that you’ll feel an excellent playing feel which would suit anyone even if you’re a beginner or an expert player. Last but not the least, its sound is the robust and pure stereo type with 61 different types of rich and vibrant sounds.

Hape Happy Baby Grand Piano

Hape Happy Grand Piano


Well, what better baby grand piano rather than the Hape Happy Baby Grand Piano for beginning the journey in piano playing. It’s a 30 key piano. You’ll observe its amazing combination of classic design and elegance. The Hape’s main target is to encourage children of all ages to create tones and melodies. It has a very durable finish with a dense wood construction which is the hallmark of Hape productions.

Well if it’s not enough for you, then I have even better news for you! This Hape baby grand piano promotes handiness, very good coordination between hands and eyes along with your music skills and creativity.

Anyone over 3 years can use it. So, even if you have a child to follow in your footsteps, you can always pass it down for them to use it anytime. Are you wondering if its materials are safe for children or not? Then fret not, because its finish is non-toxic and is made with materials that are safe for children.

Amy & Benton Baby Grand Piano Keyboard

Amy&Benton Piano Keyboard Toy for Kids


What makes Amy & Benton Baby Grand Piano Keyboard the best baby grand piano is its amazing features and qualities. This piano, though is a toy, runs on electric power/ battery, but its features are no less than actual pianos. The manufacturers’ main aim in building this piano is to make it as much educational as possible. So, got a kid at home? This piano’s perfect to give them as a present.

The next prominent feature it has is its portability. You’ll find its 3 legs to be easily movable and also easy to assemble. Though it’s battery-driven, it has an advanced energy-saving mode that turns off the piano if you don’t play it for more than 2 minutes.

So, doubting its functions just because it’s a toy? Well then, here comes the main surprise for you then! This piano is ranked one of the highest in the multifunctional department. Just like other normal pianos, it has 31 keys, 4 musical instruments, 4 rhythm lights, 22 demo songs, 8 percussion instruments, 4 accompaniment styles, 3 guide modes, and different volumes and features like the record and play, karaoke, LED light system and so on. So, why wouldn’t you choose it when it has so many functions!?

Melissa & Doug Learn-to-Play Piano

Melissa & Doug Learn-to-Play Piano


Have a kid at home whom you want to flourish their creativity and talent in the music field? What better than to give them a Melissa & Doug Learn-to-play piano! The Melissa & Doug company manufactures everything starting from classic wooden toys to different musical interactive toys. Since, its founding, it has found a lot of ways to ignite children’s creativity and made them open to new possibilities and think out of the box.

Okay, so basically, this is a toy piano but it’s upright with a solid wood build. In comparison to other toy pianos, it has 25 keys and 2 whole octaves. Though it’s less in comparison to other ones but it got all the primary tune you need if you want to start with the basics.

The most special perk of this piano is that it’s easy to play. It also has illustrated songbook with English lyrics so that it’s easier for anyone to understand. So, don’t worry about being a beginner when you’re playing this piano. This piano can be used by anyone who’s above 4 years! So, rest assured about its materials, durability, and safety.

Honor-Y Kids Toy Baby Grand Piano

Honor-Y Kids Toy Grand Piano


Okay, so Honor-Y Kids Toy Baby Grand Piano is every child’s favorite as the best baby grand piano there is! Your child will really enjoy its vibrant texture and color and it’s the best piano to gift a child on any occasion. Its high-quality ABS plastic is not only safe but also very strong and reliable.

The Honor-Y kids’ toy baby grand piano has the most varieties of function you’ll ever see in other toy baby grand pianos. Need teaching modes? It has 3 different styles at that. Need demo music to practice? It has 22! Moreover, it even has colorful rhythm lights!!!

There’s a built-in microphone to record your kids’ performances. You can even play the recorded track directly on the piano. Despite it being a toy baby grand piano, its sound is pretty sick and smooth with clear tunes. So, not only the children will be able to learn to play, but also they will be inspired to sing. Finally, to add another perk, this piano is also environment-friendly! Isn’t it awesome?

Schoenhut Concert Baby Grand Piano

Schoenhut Baby Grand Piano


The Schoenhut Concert Baby Grand Piano is an exquisite miniature replica of an original concert grand piano. Other than its size, you wouldn’t really notice any other difference though because of its rich sound and tunes of the octaves. It’s one of the best baby grand pianos for children who are natural with exquisite music talent.

Even though it’s a miniature-sized piano, it still has 88 keys to give you the perfect music backup of all the octaves you’ll find in a normal professional piano. This 32 pound piano is hinged on the top, making a chime-like sound when you keep the piano lid open.

Moreover, if you want a good foundation, then this piano is the one for you because it has a total of three full octaves with its full set of keys. Moreover, if you buy this package, you’re getting a Schoenhut Learning System along with a bench. So, what’re you waiting for? Go get yours now!

Broadway Gifts Black Baby Grand Piano Music Box

Broadway Gifts Black Baby Grand Piano


Okay, so this is another one from our one of the best baby grand pianos, though it’s just a miniature music box! The Broadway Gifts Black Baby Grand Piano music Box is a toy and a mini-sized baby grand piano for the kids and toddlers. Undoubtedly, this is going to be the best gift to give your 2-3-year-old kids.

Although it’s a toy, it’s made from wood and weighs about 2 pounds. The dimensions of this toy baby grand piano are about 8.5 inches x 6 inches x 3.5 inches respectively. So, now you can guess how small this baby grand piano is!

Do you want to know another interesting fact? Even though it’s a small-sized baby grand piano, it still comes with a mini-sized stool. However, that doesn’t beat the fact that it’s a toy and it only plays ‘Fur Elise’ in it. It comes with a black case and a red fabric lining in the box.

Melissa & Doug Learn-to-Play Classic Baby Grand Piano

Melissa & Doug Learn-To-Play Classic Grand Piano


This is the second baby grand piano from Melissa & Doug to make it in this top 16 best baby grand pianos you can choose in 2021. That’s right! They’re one of the best manufacturers of wooden toys, crafts, and other instruments for children ever since forever! Now, it’s time to review the Melissa & Doug Learn-To-Play Classic Baby Grand Piano.

One of the best perks you’ll get in this baby grand piano is its easy-to-play mini keyboard. You get 30 manually tuned keys, the perfect intro to music, and last but not the least, a color-coded songbook just appropriate for any baby to learn or recognize music easily. Because of this point only, Melissa & Doug Learn-to-Play classic baby grand piano makes a perfect gift for a 4 to 6-year-old children.

Moreover, this piano is very reliable as it’s solely designed for child safety and comfortable use. High-quality wood, plastic, and other components make it exceptionally sturdy and durable. So, what do you think? Isn’t it a great deal? Then why wait, go and try this hot thing out now!

Schoenhut Fancy Baby Grand Piano

Schoenhut Fancy Baby Grand Piano


Here comes another one of our all-time favorite brands, the Schoenhut! Words are not enough that can do justice in expressing how good their pianos are! However, let me explain how exceptional the Schoenhut Fancy Baby Grand Piano is.

At first, if I talk about their build, this piano comes from extraordinary woods like the Birch and the maple wood. This 23 lbs. piano comes in various colors such as white, pink, red, brown, and so on. It has 30 keys on it, all are properly sized so that your child can learn proper finger stretch. The experts tuned this piano’s German steel music rods very delicately using little hammers.

This baby grand piano is one of the best baby grand pianos. The very fact that its EN17, ASTM, and CPSIA verified backs this claim pretty neatly! Moreover, it’s also small and portable. So, you can take it with you wherever you want and play it whenever. It comes with a bench and a personal patented learning system.

Amy & Benton Baby Grand Piano for Toddlers

Amy&Benton Toddler Piano


Now, it’s time for another unique baby grand piano model, that is, Amy & Benton baby grand piano. It comes in two main colors, pink and white. So, want to give an appropriate gift to a baby girl? Worry not! You can choose the appropriate colors with Amy & Benton. With 31 plastic keys, your toddler can learn anything they want for potential expertise in piano.

Do you want to know more? Alright. So, this piano is very portable and lightweight. So, you can take or practice it anywhere you want! Moreover, it’s very multifunctional. That is, besides having 31 keys, it has 8 percussion instruments, 4 accompaniment style, 3 guide modes, “play & record” function, 4 musical instruments, 4 rhythm lights, 22 demo songs, karaoke, various rhythms, and volume, LED, external mp3 player, microphone.

The Amy & Benton baby grand piano is a great piano practice toy for toddlers. It’ll not only enhance your child’s coordination ability but also improve the hearing ability, along with being a great exercise for memory development. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Amy & Benton Baby Grand Piano Toy

Amy&Benton Toy Piano for Baby Toddler Piano Keyboard


Well, for toddlers, no brand can be better than Amy & Benton for providing interactive toys for kids. So, worry not! Your kid will learn new skills with the help of Amy & Benton. I already discussed about their Baby Grand piano for toddlers, now I bring you something similar but smaller and cheaper and more effective, the Amy & Benton Baby Grand Piano Toy!

Okay, hold your breath as this one comes in 2 versions! So, if the 31 key version is too difficult for your kid, you can always go for the easier version of 24 keys. The manufacturers made these keys with plastic so it wouldn’t be too difficult for your kid to play the piano.

Now for the best part, if you have any kind of complaints with the piano, you can always contact the authority. They have a remarkable customer support system! The piano is very light in weight, has foldable legs so that you can take it anywhere you want.

BAOLI 31 Keys Baby Grand Piano

BAOLI 31 Keys Mini Playing with Microphone Piano


Most of the baby grand pianos have 31 keys and all, but among all those competitions BAOLI Baby Grand Piano being one of the best baby grand pianos is no small feat at all! Now, why did it make it so far into the list? Want to know? All right, here we go!

First of all, let me mention all about its multipurpose facilities. With this baby grand piano – in addition to 31 black and white keys – you’re also getting 4 different instrument styles, 4 keys for different instruments, 8 drum sound effects, and many more!

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In addition to all those, there are 3 teaching modes, (the keys with red stickers) to provide your child with absolute easy guidance and they’ll be able to learn music at a very young age. Moreover, you can also entertain your child by letting them sing with the in-built microphone! Isn’t this the best deal you can get at a very cheap rate? So, what’re you waiting for, order one for yourself today!

Schoenhut Mini Baby Grand Piano

Schoenhut Mini Grand Piano


You wouldn’t believe how wonderful this Schoenhut Mini Baby Grand Piano is! Why this is one of the best baby grand pianos is basically because – even though it has only 18 keys on it, that still doesn’t give it a handicap in providing your child with effective piano lessons!

If your kid is a first-time pianist, it’d allow your kid to improve their coordination ability as well as creativity. The sound is so amazing that you won’t be able to differentiate this piano sound from a real grand piano sound!

Grand and elegant appearance, high-quality music, durable material, one-and-a-half octaves, and wooden keyboard – all characteristics of this amazing mini baby grand piano! So, without wasting any more minutes, just go for it today!

Final Words

All of these baby grand pianos are the best baby grand pianos you’ll find in the market now. All that remains is which one to choose from these 16!

Have you decided yet? Want some help? Let me give you a small clue.

Choose the piano that will give your child a full experience of piano playing as well as improve their coordination and other skills. Most of the piano recommendations over here will provide you with this facility so choose accordingly and enjoy your experience!

Are you out of your confusion now? If yes, that’s great! So, which piano did you decide to buy?