Baby Piano Dimensions Are Important

Baby Piano Dimensions Are Important?

Let’s face it! Today you are going to read complete our Learn Baby Piano Dimensions Are Important. It is a common question asked by the customer, if the dimension of a baby grand piano is important or not? When thinking about a grand piano, we think of an object that dominates space. So, there is a lot of things we have to keep in mind before purchasing a piano, and most important of all – we need to know the exact dimension of the piano. A grand piano is beautiful and powerful, and it comes in different sizes that are suitable for different spaces in a room, large living room, or hall preferably.  On the other hand, a baby piano is not only loved for having the shape of a typical grand piano and the beauty it can bring to any room it is in but also for the delicate sound it offers, and it wouldn’t even take so much space compared to that of a grand piano.

The most popular piano in the market these days is probably the baby grand. Today’s piano industries offer varieties of choices of baby grand, some of which are – traditional, rococo, modern, and futuristic designs which also come in different colors, veneers, finishes, inlays, LED lights, acrylics, metal, and artistic graphics. Here is an article that includes several things you need to know about Baby Piano Dimensions before you purchase one.


Most of us can agree that people love baby grand pianos because of their smaller sizes. Besides, the sound produced by the baby piano is very rich, sonorous, and delicately beautiful. The baby grand piano is typically about 4 feet 11 inches to 5 feet 11 inches. The width of baby grands are usually five feet wide. Whereas the petite grands are under 4 feet 7 inches to 5 feet, but with that kind of size, the soundboard for the kind of resonance found in a baby grand, is just not enough. So, we can say that this wouldn’t be a very reliable instrument.


The micro-grand baby piano-size starts from 4 feet 5 inches to 4 feet 10 inches long. This kind of piano is shorter, but the keyboard has a standard 88 keys. The horizontal action and soundboard are still an attribute of these pianos; however, the hammers are shorter to decrease the proportions of the instrument. And at these sizes, the distance of the hammer reaches faster to the string. The mini baby grand still gives off the aesthetic vibe of a grand piano, but the placement has to be very wise basically for making up the disproportion of the width to length ratio.

Baby Piano Dimensions


A baby grand is not only super responsive but also evenly weighted, so it needs a bit more traction to control. Unless you’re a trained pianist, you wouldn’t be able to pick the difference in sound between two baby grand pianos which are 5 feet in size when played next to each other. This is because there is a difference in the dimensions of their tails. Small, well-branded pianos are always a better choice than a larger piano, if you’re in a price range and if you want to have little space or don’t want the piano to take the entire space of the room. The richness of tone and integrity is what makes a small piano stand out. It all depends on the quality of the components and the expertise of the piano builder.

A baby grand piano with a wider tail built has more room for longer bass string and a bigger soundboard. In addition, it also has a better receptive area for its bridges. So, you can say that a Baby piano with a wider tail will have a richer bass tone and tend to be the superior of all pianos.

While buying a piano, we always must consider the piano dimensions, and it’s necessary to check in with the manufacturer of the piano, to get the details of the exact dimension of the piano. However, it’s mandatory to add two more feet, for the bench or stool to sit while you play. A baby grand is a perfect option for home use because its volume and tone are quite sufficient to fill the entire living room and as said before, the size makes it more appropriate for modest homes..  


Weights of pianos vary from model to model, brand to brand, but on average a baby piano weighs almost 500 pounds, and it’s about 100 pounds less than that of a standard piano. An upright piano will however weigh about 300 to 350 pounds. The weight of a piano depends on its size as well as the material it’s made of. Such as – type of wood used, hardware, and the use of acrylic. There will be a little difference in weight between different piano brands. Not every piano around the world is made of the same material, so the size of the piano doesn’t always affect the weight of the piano. For example- designer pianos will weigh more because the material it is made of is acrylic elements. Different alloys have different weight properties hence the fancier the designer baby grand, the more it will weigh than the average.


The dimensions of a baby piano highly affect the price of the piano. The bigger the size of the piano, the more the unit will cost. However, baby grands are not as costly as that of a normal grand piano, which is why most people these days prefer baby grand pianos. However, the price may vary depending not only on the size but also, if you want to purchase a brand new or a second hand, if you’re buying it from a named brand and if the piano is high or low quality. With money, we are talking about the size of horizontal length. Even six inches difference will affect centurion, string length, sound, and price, of course!

Here are some brand names and their price range – a Steinway baby grand will be at least $50000. Models like Macassar ebony ranges all the way up to $99000. Baldwin baby grands are wonderful, branded piano but are usually less expensive than the models named above, it ranges from $22000-$35000, and Yamaha, with the starting price at $34000. So, if you’re looking for a piano with a low budget, this might be a good choice. Although secondhand pianos are really appealing in terms of price, they don’t really come in a very good condition unless an experienced RPT or a good pianist assures you. So, it’s recommended to hire an RPT in case you are buying a secondhand.


Baby Piano Dimensions Are Important2

Now let’s talk about the size difference between a baby grand and grand piano. A grand piano starts from 6’ to about 7’ feet long while the baby grands are usually 4’11 to 5’11 feet long. Different manufacturers build unique pianos and sometimes there are a few inches less or more which is based on the dimension of a specific piano.  Concert grand piano is usually which is 10 feet long, so it is very spacy and large. With that length, the piano’s dimension of the boy, frame, and rim are adjusted accordingly so that the piano produces the most resonance and designs.

Keys are one of the most essential features of a piano keyboard. The larger the grand piano, the longer the keys. Longer keys will allow a finer and more gradient control of the touch and the double escapement action. This is one of the reasons why concert grand pianos always sound and feel compared to smaller pianos. However, such huge piano with great volume in a living room will blow the listeners out of the room. As the size decreases. the distance traveled by sound will also decrease. However, the tone, quality, or resonance doesn’t necessarily lessen.


Once you have determined the budget – you should start considering the usage of the piano and who is going to use it. Because that’s how you will understand what your musical preferences are and exactly what size of piano do you need. When it comes to buying other pianos, it is important that you determine your desired exact preference and musical requirements. This is one of the most common questions asked by customers. The answer would be, a baby grand piano is not like an upright piano, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that these are the best when you look into its features. However, a baby piano will offer a much better experience – a better touch response and playing proficiency when compared to a large number of upright pianos that are within the same range. However, the baby piano’s dimension and gives aesthetic values, many people purchase it simply as a form of decoration in their house. If a baby piano meets your musical needs and is within your range, then it would be a wise choice to buy it from an expert piano dealer.


Generally, handmade pianos will always be way better than pianos that come off an assembly line. As mentioned in this article of “BABY PIANO DIMENSIONS” before, people who have small rooms will often prefer a petite baby piano which is under five feet. However, there is a loss of sound quality as the piano is shorter dimension. A piano with a larger soundboard and longer strings will produce a delicate tone and greater volume. This is one of the main reasons why grand pianos are kept in large halls. As you already know, the petite grand piano is not as long as it is wide. But we should remember that the longer the piano, the better the performance. So, it’s always a better option to get the average-sized baby grand piano for beginners to start their practices, because the performance will be way better than that of a petite grand. However, if space is a crisis, a petite can also be good for starters.

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So, to summarize the article about BABY PIANO DIMENSIONS, the size and dimension of a baby piano are very important to consider while buying a piano. That’s what determines the sound quality, traffic flow, and visual impact in your home. And when you want to purchase a piano, determine a budget, and stick to it. Keep in mind that the piano you will purchase is going to be a serious purchase that will last for years and years, both for professional and entertainment purposes. So, it not only will be a financial investment but also an investment in yourself, your career, your loved ones, and your music desires. There are quite a lot of manufacturers and dealers who can offer good financial deals to make the purchase easier and not accrue a burden of debt for the customer to afford and manage. Some piano’s action is much more responsive than others are and is lighter to the touch. This can affect your experience of playing the piano, so it’s advised to try multiple different instruments to find out which one is the right for you. Baby pianos that has a quality string, action materials, and seasoned spruce soundboard will deliver a way better sound than the normally branded baby grand. The longer key in the keyboard and strings will produce more sonority and add depth and color to the sound generated by the piano.

Last One

Lastly, if you are looking for a piano that will not use up a lot of space in your living room then a baby grand is the perfect piano for both a professional and beginner. I hope this article about BABY PIANO DIMENSIONS helps you with all the information you need, before purchasing a piano.

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