Ashthorpe Acoustic-Electric Guitar – One of the Best Electric Guitars New Edition 2021

Ashthorpe Acoustic-Electric Guitar – One of the Best Electric Guitars 2022 Edition

Mostly known for their exquisite timbre and the charming appearance that help them remain as a centerpiece of various music genres, such as pop and folk, the acoustic guitar has had been everlasting aftermath on the universe of music, since their invention on the 1500s. So why not give an example of the best acoustic guitar?

I brought you this article about one of the coolest guitars, Ashthorpe Acoustic Electric Guitar.

If you are looking for a guitar to use with a melodious sound that is perfect for musicians, our team got you the Ashthorpe Acoustic-Electric Guitar, so why wait? Let’s dig a bit deeper and find out the specifications, features, pros, and cons, and our very special addition to this review is, our expert’s opinion on it!

About Ashthorpe…

Ashthorpe is a relatively new musical instrument producing company. Still, they can manufacture musical instruments similar to those of experts. Ashthorpe acoustic-electric guitar is one of the best among them. Their guitar and other musical instrument quality are – undoubtedly – of higher quality in comparison with the price. So, if you’re tired of trying out old brand guitars, Ashthorpe should be your next option!

About Ashthorpe Acoustic-Electric Guitar…

Ashthorpe Acoustic Electric Guitar has a wonderfully crafted body made from top-notch tone woods. Making it to the top of the list for its high-class resilient and superior music quality, the guitar is not only a supreme choice by the beginners but also the intermediate musicians.

Moreover, the inside out part of the soundboard is known for its excellent structural integrity. Its overall design is so superior that you’ll feel very satisfied while playing this guitar. Want to know why I said so? Well, I can and will answer that right away.

This musical instrument usually comes with a magnetic pickup or a microphone fitted with it. You can use it mainly during a live performance when you’ll need loud volume.

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Specifications of Ashthorpe Acoustic-Electric Guitar

The Ashthorpe Acoustic-Electric Guitar is made from top quality raw materials. Judging from that, you can already guess that the materials of the guitar will be very durable and satisfying to perform with it. Now, what’s so special about it? Let’s check it out together!

Specifications: –

  1. The Dimension of the guitar: 40.5 inches x 19 inches x 5 inches (dimension configuration: L x B x H)
  2. Weight of the guitar: 8.28 lbs.
  3. Body Material of the Guitar: Composite wood
  4. The Material of the Guitar Back: Basswood
  5. Colors Available of the Guitar Body: Black, Blue, Brown, Red, Sunburst, including natural ones.
  6. The Material of the Guitar Neck: Fine Okoume Wood.
  7. The Material of the Fretboard: Binding type
  8. The Material of the Strings: Phosphor Bronze.
  9. The Material of the Guitar Top: Spruce Wood
  10.  Number of Strings: 6
  11.  Pickup Configuration of the Guitar: Combination
  12.  Hand Configuration while Playing the Guitar: Right-hand type
  13.  Guitar Bridge System: Adjustable

Features of Ashthorpe Acoustic-Electric Guitar

You can always learn on an electric guitar but learning with an acoustic guitar is much better. This guitar is not only an electric guitar but also an acoustic guitar as well. So, it’s easier to play, sound, and learn. Our team analyzed the quality, value, and so on. Here are some details about the features of the Ashthorpe Acoustic-Electric Guitar.

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Ashthorpe Acoustic-Electric Guitar Body

Quality and Design of the Guitar:

The Ashthorpe Acoustic-Electric Guitar is a top-quality guitar. When looked carefully, we saw that the guitar was sensitively crafted with fine tone woods. The guitar body is a full-size cutaway design that allows easier access to the upper fret of the guitar, making it more comfortable to play. It has a unified 4-band pickup equalizer which has a volume controlling knob. So, if an amplifier is plugged in, you can have full tonal control. The neck of the guitar is very strong and easily balanced.

Its body is full-size type. That is, it’s 41 inches in length. This guitar is cut away around the neck so that you can get better access to the guitar and play more comfortably. There is a thin line of 3 inches thickness that results in producing aesthetic sound while playing. Its overall design is made in such a way that its weight becomes evenly distributed. So, you won’t feel heavy or your shoulders won’t hurt much even after long hours of guitar practice.

Sound Output of the Guitar:

Though Ashthorpe is a new musical instrument producing company, this guitar is manufactured for all levels of players. So, the sound quality is top-notch. It sounds pretty loud even when it’s not connected with an amplifier. Moreover, when you connect it with an amplifier, its sound output is unbeatable! This is because of the strong and sturdy strings and different sorts of woods used in building this guitar.

Build Quality and Construction of the Guitar:

We have observed the presence of X-braced structural integrity in the guitar. The spruce wood used to design the top of the guitar results in its versatility and resiliency. Moreover, the Basswood back keeps the guitar at the proper temperature so that it can give you the loudest sound while playing.

You can play any type of music using this guitar. Since it’s an acoustic AND electric guitar, you can play both soft or loud music with flat-picking or strumming type music. Even after playing for a long time, not only it stays very responsive but also retains its tonal integrity. That is, you won’t have to tune it, again and again, to keep it in perfect pitch.

The Durability of the Guitar:

Tested by our team and positive reviews about the guitar we can say that the guitar is built-to-last. The guitar strings are crafted with phosphor bronze and delicately coated with an anti-rust coating. That makes the strings more durable and rust-free. Besides, Ashthorpe company gives you a backup for parts of 1 year and a warranty of labor.

Extra Features:

You’ll get this guitar with components that will upgrade the sound and playing quality of the guitar. You get a board 4 band pickups or EQ with the guitar. This EQ includes every type of music enhancer, such as bass, treble, mid-range, and presence. Moreover, you’re getting two sets of phosphor bronze strings that will upgrade the sound produced by this guitar. Upon careful observation, we saw that the tuning pegs are chrome, and the finishing of those pegs is made tough just like nails, and very glossy!

Value of the Guitar:

 Comparing to other acoustic guitars, the Ashthorpe Acoustic-Electric Guitar is less expensive and the best rising product on market to this date. Many similarities were found between this guitar and other expensive acoustic guitars which are twice the price of this acoustic guitar.

After testing it a couple of times, our team saw an improvement in sound and also seen how reliable the strings are, so without any doubt, we can assure you that this guitar will support and grow with you till the advanced level.


Ashthorpe Acoustic-Electric Guitar – Xtra

Like other guitars, the Ashthorpe guitar offers a lot of accessories. A soft nylon-made bag to cover the guitar and prevent string-rusting. In addition to that, there is A shoulder strap to carry the guitar around comfortably. An extra set of Guitar Strings is also included!

Another great thing about this guitar is -it comes with not only one but three guitar picks. Thin, medium, and thick. So, this is a great package within your range.

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So, Should You Buy Ashthorpe Acoustic-Electric Guitar or Not?

In this part, I’ll be pointing out some of the advantages of using this Acoustic Electric Guitar and will also try to point out the possible disadvantages. And finally, I would like to include our expert’s opinion and explain their part.

  • This guitar comes at an affordable price considering its versatility. It can produce both loud and soft type of sound. So, you don’t need to worry about buying other types of guitars for practicing other genres of music pieces. If you want a guitar that you can play roughly all day long, then this guitar is just for you! This guitar is capable of enduring difficult conditions. So, practice playing it as much as you want without anything to worry about! Though it uses different types of wood, it’s not heavy at all. Its lightweight makes it very portable for any player playing this guitar. This guitar comes with the full set of accessories that you might need as a guitar player. So, you don’t need to buy anything extra. Moreover, if you’re a beginner who’s just starting to learn to play guitar, you can use this one. Although I’d suggest you in that case it’s better if you practice with a pure acoustic guitar instead. However, this one is also as good as others!
  • You won’t get an amplifier with this guitar. The amplifier is an important part of every electric guitar. Though you can still play it without the amplifier properly because of its acoustic nature. But if you want to try out your way into practicing electric guitar, you should consider buying an amplifier. The guitar strings are made from phosphor bronze. So, even though it is strong and reliable, we can’t deny the fact that it’s comparatively sharp. If you don’t use it carefully, you might get hurt on your fingers. It’s better if you wear band-aids on your fingers where you strum the guitar strings with or use the picks that come with the guitar. If you decide to play it with an amplifier, pay close attention to the volume. Because it may produce a very loud sound that might disrupt the neighborhood or even be dangerous to the ears. The size of this guitar is too big for a person with small hands to handle. So, if you’re gifting it to someone else who is not a grown-up yet, then reconsider choosing a smaller-sized guitar.

Ashthorpe Acoustic-Electric Guitar – One of the Best Electric Guitars

Expert Opinions:

As I said, our experts have thoroughly researched and examined this Ashthorpe Acoustic-Electric Guitar and they have strongly recommended using the guitar. My friend Dan said –

“If you’re serious about learning guitar, then I highly recommend you use this acoustic-electric guitar. It produces incredible music and is reliable. Trust me you wouldn’t be disappointed”

The experts have judged this guitar based on its build quality, design, sound quality, and affordability. Considering all the points, pros, and cons, they totally supported buying the guitar and said that this one is very safe to use for players of any experience level.

Moreover, they liked the versatility of this guitar very much. They could play almost every music type. Starting from classical music pieces to modern pop music! Its electric along with its acoustic nature helped them cover every type of music track they wanted to play.

So, overall, this guitar is a great choice. If I were you, I would’ve clicked the Ashthorpe acoustic-electric guitar link here immediately and placed the order for my own Ashthorpe acoustic-electric guitar now!

Final Words

After getting to know how melodious and delicate this instrument, which can not only entertain you but also the people listening to it. I can definitely vouch for Ashthorpe acoustic-electric guitar and so will you after you use this guitar!

So, want a guitar that can be played for hours with an incredible sound and very comfortable to play? And not to mention the high-quality accessories that come with it?

Then click on this Ashthorpe acoustic-electric guitar link here and grab your one today!