Are travel guitars worth it?- Travel Guitar Guide 2022

Are travel guitars worth it?- Travel guitar guide


Are travel guitars worth it? Yes, travel guitars are worth it. Because travel guitars are easy to play and transport, perfect for those who love camping, and travel guitars are also affordable.

What are travel guitars?

The guitar, which is small and designed to be easily carried in a backpack or suitcase, is considered a travel guitar. These guitars typically have full scale-length or near to full scale-length.

The essential characteristic of any guitar is its size of the guitar. A full-size guitar is too big and bulky to fit into an average backpack or suitcase, so you’ll need something smaller and more compact if you want to take it with you when you go on vacation or leave the house for other reasons.

Types of travel guitars:

There are mainly three types of travel guitars: acoustic, electric, and classical.

Acoustic Travel Guitars:

These tend to be smaller than regular-sized acoustic guitars, but they still have full-sized bodies and necks. The smaller design makes them easier to carry around and play wherever you want!

Electric Travel Guitars:

Electric travel guitars are designed to look like their larger counterparts, but they’re much smaller in size. This makes them easy to transport anywhere without too much space in your bag or car!

Classical Travel Guitars:

Classical travel guitars are very similar in appearance to classical acoustic guitars, but they’re made from smaller materials so that they’re easier to carry around with you wherever you go!

Are travel guitars worth it? Really? Let’s discuss more travel guitars and find out why they are worth it.

Difference between a full-size guitar and a travel guitar.


This guitar can be an excellent option for musicians who want to take their instrument on the road. The advantage of the travel guitar is its portability. These guitars are specially made to carry anywhere easily by the guitarist.

This type of guitar design is compact, lightweight, and size appropriate for traveling purposes. The shape generally tends to be narrow so that it can fit into your luggage easily without taking up too much space.

Also, some manufacturers make these types of guitars with a folding neck or detachable necks so they can be folded up easily or detached from the instrument’s body when not needed anymore!


The next thing you should consider about choosing guitars is playability.

This guitar typically has a petite body; sometimes, a traveler’s guitar may be uncomfortable to play because you can’t have enough space to rest your hand while playing it. These compact guitars have a nearer scale length than regular-sized guitars.

These guitars have smaller necks and bodies than traditional guitars, making them easier to play for people with smaller hands. Traveler guitars are also.

This type of guitar can be an excellent choice if you’re planning on playing for hours at a time, as the strain on your hands will be lessened by the lighter weight and smaller size of these instruments.

Some travel guitars even come with an armrest facility that allows you to play in more comfortable positions. This can help you learn better and faster and make it more enjoyable for those who like playing for extended periods.

Sound quality:

The sound quality of these guitars is not as good as full-sized acoustic guitars, but they produce decent enough sound to make it worth buying them over other instruments. 

These instruments are made with laminated tops, which helps them produce rich and deep tones, like a full-size guitar when played correctly. 

Both professionals and amateurs can use the travel guitar because they produce a great sound, even if played by someone who has just started learning to play an instrument like the guitar.


Most guitars are made from hardwoods like mahogany or rosewood, making them more resistant to damage than other guitars. Due to the more petite body, the neck and headstock are shorter, which reduces the chance of breakage during transport. The smaller size also means it is less likely to get damaged in transit or stored in your case.


This guitar type is affordable compared to other regular guitars, such as electric or acoustic. Depending on your budget and preferences, you can get one at any price range. However, keep in mind that not all travel guitars are created equal, so make sure you do some research before buying one.

Perfect for campers:

Campers and hikers can carry-on travel guitars wherever they go quickly. These guitars play and sound like classical guitars, mostly with nylon strings. If you want a great guitar to bring with you anywhere, you should get a travel guitar.

This type of guitar is easy to carry around, which means you can have it while traveling by train or by bus; this is perfect for campers. You will get the same resonance as the full-bodied sound, like guitars.

Couple camping with a travel guitar.

You can play anywhere because the size and weight are less than an average acoustic or acoustic-electric guitar. Since they are small, you can travel easily.

You can also choose folding travel guitars because they are suitable for travel rather than carrying a full-size guitar.

Are travel guitars suitable for beginners?

These guitars are perfect for beginners. If you are a new or beginner guitarist and want to learn the basics of playing the guitar, it is always better to start with a travel guitar. Because they are comfortable to carry out, easy to play with, and affordable, as it is cheap and easy to carry, choosing this kind of guitar will be a great decision.

The best thing about travel guitars is that they come in different shapes and sizes, so you can choose the one that suits your needs. You can choose between acoustic or electric guitars; both have advantages and disadvantages.

a girl with a travel guitar in hand

How much should I pay for a travel guitar?

The answer depends on what you want to do with your portable guitar. If you are just seeking a fun instrument, it’s best to stay under $150. But if you are serious about playing music and want something that can be used as the main instrument at home or on the road, then it’s worth spending more on a quality instrument.

I recommend spending between $200-$300 on your first traveler guitar if you’re looking for something that will stand up to regular use. The size of the fretboard, which influences how high or low notes can be played, and the kind of strings that are included should both be carefully considered (nylon vs. steel).

If you are seeking an ultra-light acoustic travel guitar, this video blog will help you. You can also read our expert’s review on Lava ME 2 Carbon Fiber Travel Guitar if you want an excellent travel guitar.

Travel guitars are small and usually come with nylon strings since they’re easier on your fingers than steel strings, but there are some models out there with steel strings, too, if that’s more your style!

F.A.Q.s: Travel Guitars

Which brand is excellent for a travel guitar: Yamaha or Martin?

Martin guitars are known for their craftsmanship and are certainly more expensive. But Yamaha also makes excellent guitars, and they’re much more affordable.

Can I take my guitar on a plane for free?

Usually, yes. Traveling within the U.S., you can generally carry your instrument as luggage without paying extra fees. Traveling outside of the U.S.U.S., however, might be more difficult because different airlines have different rules on what you can check in as luggage and what you must ship as cargo. If you are traveling internationally, it’s best to check with the airline directly before packing your instrument to avoid any potential problems when arriving at your destination.

Are small guitars easier to play?

Yes. Small or little guitars are suitable for playing as a beginner. The guitar that lets you play anything is a good choice. If you want the full-size or dreadnought guitar, then think about the portability. Generally, small or mini guitars like Taylor baby are easy to carry on and sound good.

Are Taylor guitars worth it?

Taylors are great guitars, and Taylor currently makes some of the best acoustic guitars. When you buy a Taylor, you’re getting a perfect guitar.

Are Little Martin guitars American made?

Most of the Little Martin guitars you can buy in stores are made in Mexico.

Which is the best travel guitar?

The Martin Backpacker is the best travel guitar, so take that into consideration. It has excellent sound and playability, and it folds into a compact package that makes it perfect for travel.

There’s one thing we can guarantee about travel guitars: no matter what you decide, you’ll be satisfied. You’ll be happy to own the guitar because it’s an incredible feeling. It will sound great; it will look good on your wall. If you don’t have room to transport a regular guitar and if you won’t be going very far, then a travel guitar might do the job. After all, it’s hard to beat how convenient they are. I hope you enjoyed this blog. If you like this blog and want to share your thoughts on small portable guitars, just don’t wait! Comment below, and we will discuss some awesome things, later on, guitars.


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