Digital Piano Alesis Coda Pro 88 Key

Alesis Coda Pro Digital Piano – is this keyboard any good?

So, which piano should you choose that would fill your purpose? Do you already have a piano in mind that could fulfill your purpose? Are you getting the perfect pitch in your musical notes with your old piano? Are you wondering if there is any piano which would cover all your requirements?


Alesis Coda Pro is a piano model featuring 88 functional hammer keys. It gives you a wide range of experience for both performance and recording. Designed for a pianist of every level starting from beginners to experts.

This digital piano can produce different versatile sounds. Not only as a piano, but Alesis Coda Pro can also be as functional as a full-fledged keyboard. You can use them in all kinds of practices or recitals in the school stage, recording studios, prayer rooms, or live concerts. Every in-built feature helps you to practice any piece of music – be it classical or any other music type.

The Alesis coda pro 88 Key digital piano is designed for easy and effective use to make you flourish your full creativity. Because it has multiple voices of instruments with various types of music patterns. You can connect this piano to a computer or any other device directly to make it synchronize with the devices. We have a number of digital pianos on this service list that you can check out the Digital Piano Yamaha P45 Review-Best Beginners Piano in 2020 and digital piano Yamaha YDP 164, etc

Alesis Coda Pro 88 Key Digital Piano

Alesis Coda Pro 88 Key Digital Piano Features

Digital Pianos are very convenient for today’s musicians to cope up with the current ongoing world of technological advances. The features that make this piano more preferrable or perfect for you to buy are described below.


In terms of musical instruments, especially piano, voices denote to the notes the piano can play. It can vary widely creating different sounds. In this digital piano, there are 20 different voices it can play.

Although if you are using this piano solely for practicing piano skills, then this feature might not entertain you much. But once you proceed, this feature will help you in so many levels.

The voices are developed by two of the most famous software developers AIR and SONiVOX.

Play-Along Pieces

There are about 60 play-along pieces built inside the piano. This feature helps you refine your piano skills and increases your experience of playing in the chorus. On top of that, practicing popular pieces is always a great place to start. You can compare your piano skills with popular references and further enhance your hand at music.

Expert pianists might not need this feature as much, but if you’re a beginner, then hands down this feature will prove to be the best for you.

Moreover, practicing with these pieces will make it easier to know and get your way through the instrument. So, you will tune way better after practicing these enough.

Let’s Watch a Video Review!


There is a maximum of 64 notes on polyphony. Although it might not be as fine as 128, 196, or 256 type polyphonies, it works decently for beginners. However, with this price, it works well.

It might benefit the beginners, but experts or professionals might want to buy a better instrument with better polyphony.  

Layering Feature

Layering and Splitting are two of the most preferred traits in a digital piano. It makes piano playing more worthwhile and exciting.

With layering, you can combine the tunes of different other instruments with your playing tune. Since Alesis coda pro 88 Key digital piano has 20 voices built in its software. So, you will have lots of options for layering.

 On the other hand, the splitting feature enables you to split the piano into two similar tuned parts. This enables you to play one voice in one part and another voice in the other part. For example, if you want to play the piano with the music of drums, then you can play with the voice of drums on one side and the piano on another side.

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Being a digital piano, Alesis Coda Pro is very portable, and this feature is a huge plus point. Normally, pianos are not portable and very difficult to carry around. This digital piano measures about 59” x 19” x 9” and weighs around 27 lbs. So, you can understand from the measurement that it can fit anywhere and can be carried anywhere.

Record Mode

The record mode lets you record the music you practiced. Since it is already inbuilt, you don’t need an additional device to record the piece you play.

In-Built Speakers

The speakers are perfect for small to the medium audiences. You might need an amplifier or some external speakers.

However, Alesis Coda Pro is made for beginner to intermediate pianists.

Connection with Digital Devices

You can connect Alesis Coda Pro to the computer through a USB MIDI port. You can get access to more plugins for your music production by Alesis Coda Pro’s smooth USB MIDI port connection. Also, don’t forget to check my piano guide article DIGITAL PIANO VS MIDI KEYBOARD: Which One’s Better? and HOW MANY KEYS ON A PIANO KEYBOARD: UNLIMITED GUIDE FOR A Beginner ON 2021 and DIGITAL PIANO VS ACOUSTIC PIANO: Which One Is the Best? [2021 Edition]

For example, you can connect your piano to a drum machine with the help of an aux input that comes with Alesis Coda Pro.

Alesis Coda Pro 88 Key Digital Piano Reviews

Extra Accessories

Few other necessary accessories come with Alesis Coda Pro. These are –

  • A supportive pedal
  • User Manual
  • Warranty and safety guide
  • Power Adapter


The specifications of Alesis Coda Pro are –

  • Number of Keys: 88 Hammer keys
  • Pedal: ¼ inches Sustaining Pedal
  • Pre-Set: 60 pre-recorded songs, 20 voices
  • Sound Effects: 5 Chorus, 5 EQ, 5 Reverb
  • Polyphony: 64
  • Audio Input: 1 x ¼ inches
  • Functions: Transpose, Metronome, Duet Mode, Lesson Mode
  • Audio Output: 2 x ¼ inches (Headphones)
  • MIDI: USB; 5 Pin MIDI out
  • Power Adapter: AC Adapter
  • Dimension: 5.5 x 53.5 x 14 inches
  • Product weight: 27 pounds

See Pros and Cons

  • Enhanced design
  • Full-sized hammer keys that have velocity sensitivity
  • Lightweight, compact, and portable
  • USB MIDI port for digital device connection
  • Better technology from SONiVOX and AIR
  • Auto Shut down
  • Affordable
  • Speakers might not be loud enough for you.
  • The piano stand costs additionally
  • Less number of Voices. It can be increased

Digital Piano Alesis Coda Pro 88 Key

Final verdict

Although Alesis Coda Pro 88 Key Digital Piano has its disadvantages and limitations, it is one of the best piano options for a beginner to work at home, school, university, studio, etc. Considering its affordable price, you can overlook the little limitation it has.

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